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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Welcome to my blog! Whether you're here via invitation or you happened to stumble across it thanks for stopping by! My intentions of this blog are simple - to have a place where I can share with others a little bit about my life and what I love - my family, my friends, sewing, crafts, cooking, photography and anything else that inspires me.

Time for a "disclaimer": I am not saying I am an expert at ANY of the things mentioned above because I most definitely am NOT! No Martha Stewart here! I can't sew without a pattern, cook without a recipe, or do anything off the top of my head for that matter! I need an instruction book for everything and even when I have one I don't want to read it! Speaking of which - has anyone seen my instruction manual on being a mom? It must've gotten lost in the mail...

I want to thank two of my dearest friends, Marian "Sparks" for the wonderful idea of keeping a blog and my "BFF" Steph for the title! She's always telling me, "You're a mess" :)

Feel free to share with me what's on your mind!


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