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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday!

My dear friend Stephanie saw my status update on Facebook and told me I should also post it on here via "Post It Note Tuesday". Granted it's already Wednesday in most places of the world but what the heck! Here we go:

Might I add that this was all in one aisle...and then repeated just about every other? *Sigh*

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  1. ohhhhhhhhh shopping equals NO FUN AT ALL WITH KIDS of any age.

    I have a 6, a 3, and an 8 mos old.

    i cry each time.

    i just cry.

    i always wonder what my life would look like on video... i'd be famous i think

    i said no.. mommy said nO.. did you HEAR ME?? nooooo

    xoxo supah

  2. Thanks for coming by, and that is excellent!

    We say the 1-2- ALL.THE.TIME!

    And then she comes over and says, "Say 3, Mommy."


  3. LOL, love it! And here's what your two-year-old heard ... "Whaw waw, whaw whaw waw, whaw waw." (Think Charlie Brown's teacher!)

  4. ahh it's telling when you're sweating by the time you get to the cashier. !!

  5. LOVE IT! Can't wait to see what Momo comes up with next week for you to post about...lol

  6. At least you're taking care of your kid rather than letting them destroy the place. Let them stare!!

  7. Momo or Kailani? Or do I even need to ask...Miss Momo? Sounds like you were eaves dropping on Me and Emme in the grocery store.

  8. Oh boy. I hate days like that. In fact, I try to avoid shopping at all costs until the days the toddler is in preschool.


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