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Monday, January 31, 2011

Barbie Clothes!

I'm back! Well, kinda sorta. I won't bore you with the reason for my blogging absence! Just a lot of stuff going on all at the same time, if you know what I mean! Luckily during the craziness I did get some sewing done.

I had some special requests via my Etsy shop -  nursing cover, burp cloths, camera straps, aprons etc. I am certainly grateful to those that have seeked me out! <3  

This morning I finally got around to making a belated birthday gift for one of Momo's special little friends. Barbie clothes!

Can I just tell you that I secretly enjoyed taking pictures of Barbie modeling? Made me laugh!

I got the FREE tutorial from "Craftiness is Not Optional." Check her out!  

For more handmade craft ideas check out: "this and that's - I Made it Tuesday"  and Tip Junkie's - "Tip Me Tuesday."

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  1. Oh I loove them! thanks for sending the link! the fabrics you chose are adorable, and Barbie is a great model for ya. ;)

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  3. Do you know what I love about your homemade Barbie outfits? When she's wearing your creations, she doesn't look like a slut! Sometimes I question Barbie's wardrobe choices. I think she should stick to "The girl next door" or "Princess"!

  4. Love it! The fabric is fabulous :)


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