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Monday, October 3, 2011

King's Hawaiian Bread - Digital Rewards Program!

King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread....if you've ever had it you know you want some. If you've never had it....you are missing out!

King's Hawaiian Bread brings me back to my childhood days growing up in Japan (of all places!) I remember my father would always bring home a loaf or two of Sweet Bread after traveling to Hawaii for work. We always looked forward to that big, round aluminum pan full of sweetness! So much to the point that we wouldn't bother with utensils - we would eat it straight out of the pan, tearing pieces off with our fingers!

Now that we live in Hawaii we are lucky to be able to find King's Hawaiian products just about anywhere we shop for groceries. The "Savory Butter Rolls" are a staple in our house. They are the perfect size for kid's sandwiches or to take to potlucks! If you've been following my blog you may remember this post I did about King's Hawaiian Bread:

Mini Turkey and Cheese Sandwiches

Click on the link to find the recipe!

Well, our good friends over at King's Hawaiian are making things a little bit more fun by starting a "Rewards Program" - the first of it's kind in their 60-year history! Earn points and prizes, enjoy free downloads (coloring pages, recipe books, etc.) and enter for a chance to win FREE BREAD FOR A YEAR! (52 coupons valid for $4.99 of King’s Hawaiian Sweet Bread.)*

Interested? Want to sign up? Check out their Rewards Website for more information and contest rules! 

Thanks, King's Hawaiian!

*Apologies to the residents of Hawaii as we are excluded from winning the grand prize of free bread for a year. But don't let that stop you from playing or keep you from enjoying King's Hawaiian bread. After all, we can get it just about anywhere! :)

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