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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Words of Advice for my Kindergartener

Yesterday was the first day of school for my fifth grader. Today was the first day of school for my kindergartener! Technically it was only a parent orientation/student assessment but try telling that to Momo.

As promised I made Momo a cake (see previous blog post for the story). Well, it's not REALLY a cake....it's actually a pan of brownies but that's what she wanted...

.....with sprinkles, of course. But she doesn't want to EAT the sprinkles. She just wants them on the brownies. I'm sure all moms understand.

As I send her off to school I think of all the advice that I should be giving her: be nice; make friends; listen to your teacher, etc. Instead, I think these are more important: (limiting it to five. Trust me....I can think of a whole lot more!)

1. DO NOT SAY "DONKEYBALLS" (like you did to your swim teacher yesterday).

2. DO NOT take your shorts/skirt off the minute you walk into your classroom like you do at home.

3. If you have to poop while in school do a good job of cleaning your butt. Nobody else is going to clean it for you. (Also - if you have to poop.....please don't announce it to everyone and/or show them your work.)
4. Do not threaten to do karate on anybody. 

5. Do not expect Pulehu ribs and a Diet Dr. Pepper for lunch (like you requested at Play School).

And those are the ones I got off the top of my head. Just imagine if I put a lot of thought into it!

Update: She had a great day and did none of the above mentioned. One of the first things she said was, "Mom....they didn't take us to the cafeteria! They didn't feed us!" As well as, "Mom! I didn't get into trouble today!"

Sounds like a great start to me!


  1. Oh my, those are some great tips! Mine also start 5th grade and Kindergarten this year; thanks for reminding me to let my little one what NOT to do at school :)

  2. that's a whole lot of awesomeness.

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