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Monday, September 21, 2009

Stickers are Arriving!

Sticker Exchange
Notice one sticker is missing? Momo has already put one on the wall. *Sigh*

So guess what? Kailani has actually received some stickers in the mail via the sticker exchange! I really wasn't expecting the sticker exchange to be a huge success - as a matter of fact I was thinking we would be lucky to receive ANY but over the weekend she actually received two letters in the mail containing stickers! Oh the little things that bring a smile to a kid's face!

Thank you so much to Sarah from South Dakota and Madison from Kansas! Hopefully you'll be getting some stickers soon as well!


  1. I am glad Kailani got some! We'd be happy to send her some but I wasn't sure about sending out a bazillion as I can be very bad about mailing things out promptly!

  2. LOL! Momo is so cute! I remember I couldn't keep my hands off stickers either!

  3. Very cool! C can't wait to start getting her's :)


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