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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mermaid Towels & Ruffled Diaper Covers.....

I thought life was supposed to get simpler, less chaotic, and less stressful when summer vacation came around?!? Noooooo..... but that's okay. It's all good!

I've been busy...but a fun kind of busy. We've been hitting the beach a lot and loving every minute of it. I've also had a couple of purchases from my Etsy shop so that's exciting! I need to restock with some newer/different items. I have some ideas and will get working on it! Meanwhile I am grateful for the interest and the support! Thank you!

Speaking of Etsy I've been working on some mermaid towels....one was purchased before it was even put in the shop (THANK YOU my dear friend!!!) and here's another that I need to list:

I am currently working on a shorter version for our younger, smaller little mermaid-want-to-bes.

Also (not for the shop) I finished making a ruffled diaper cover for a friend that recently had a baby girl:

Excuse the wrinkle on the front!

Hopefully she'll send me an action shot so we can see the ruffles on her little toosh! :)

The diaper cover turned out pretty cute (and who doesn't love Hello Kitty?!?) I didn't have the patience to figure out the pattern on my own so I used the one on the You Can Make This website. You can find the pattern here. Good tutorial - lots of pictures and step by step instructions. The ruffles took an extra step (or two)....it was more than just gathering a few ruffles and sewing it directly onto the back of the diaper cover. However, I think the extra time it took was was well worth it. You can see the detailing of the ruffles here:

I would love to make a toddler version - shorts with a ruffle butt. Will keep you posted!


  1. Shorter mermaid towels WOULD BE SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (and that reminds me...I'll email you some pictures tomorrow afternoon....of my models. ;) )

  2. I LOVE THE COLORS ON THAT MERMAID TOWEL!!! I totally missed my chance to win one in your last contest... ughh, I kept putting off entering and then it was too late! WAAAH PITY PARTY! :0) Can't wait to see it up on Etsy! :)

  3. I think a shorter towel would be awesome I can just see M tripping all over herself (not that she doesn't do that anyways...lol) Congrats on your sales!!

  4. Oh the diaper cover is adorabe, I will make when I get some kids of my own!

  5. We can't wait for our towel!!! By the way, that diaper cover is ADORABLE!py Hapa Rocks!

  6. Oh I sooo have to block your site from my girls, or they will be demanding I either fork out the dough & pull out the sewing machine!! And I really really shouldn't sew....SOOOO cute!!



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