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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day in Hawaii

A moment of silence for those that have passed on.....

At National Memorial Center of the Pacific (aka Punchbowl National Cemetery) a flag and flower lei was put on each of the veteran's graves in honor and remembrance of them:

At Ala Moana Beach over 2200 lanterns representing the souls of those that have departed were put into the ocean at the Floating Lantern Ceremony:

Thousands of people on the beach.....

The lanterns launch....and glow.....and drift.....

And as the sun set Kailani saw one lonely star in the sky.... (can you make it out in the picture?)

She said it was one of her grandmas looking down on us......

*Miss you mom.*


  1. What a beautiful tradition with the lanterns and I can see the star. She's so sweet..made me a little teary :)

  2. I agree, what a beautiful and poetic way to honor those who have lost their lives for this country.

    I see the star too! Makes you want to hold those babes a bit tighter and longer. Your mama would be proud :-)

  3. awwww! the star!! your photos (along w/the photos of the lantern ceremony FB page) make me wanna go next year! so beautiful.. thanks for sharing, sharon!


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