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Monday, July 5, 2010


My new "friend."

Isn't it beautiful?

It's an antique dress form that I recently purchased from a newly made friend, Caroline. The first time I laid eyes on it was while browsing her Etsy site. I instantly fell in love (yes....in love with a "mannequin" ...." I admit it....it sounds a bit twisted!) I asked her about it and could tell by the way she spoke that she loved it as well. Who could blame her? Not me. I got it. Totally got it.


Feelings of envy. I've been wanting a dress form for some time now but never got around to getting one because I'm too cheap.

But then Caroline mentions to me that with her upcoming move overseas she might be parting it. 


Now you would think that I would jump at the chance to own this magnificent piece but I didn't. Instead I tried to convince her to take it with her. After all, we have moved several times in the last four years and I know how it feels to have to part with beloved items. She then explained that with the recent closing of her Etsy shop (so unfortunate!) and with the need to downsize for their big move it would be best to find it a new home.

Long story short - I bought it.


When I went to pick it up I took a chance of sounding like a complete and total freak and asked Caroline if the dress form had a name. I was relieved (and tickled) when she responded, "YES! Her name is Addie."

And Addie it will continue to be!

I'm sure you will be seeing more of her here on "Mama's a Mess!"

By the way, the beautiful photograph of Addie was taken by Caroline herself. Check out her blog for more inspiration! 
*A note to Caroline: I pledge to you that I will take very good care of Addie! Thank you for the incredible deal....the incredible gift! It's a bummer to have just met you and now you have to move. Best of luck on your new adventures and I look forward to your return to the islands!

*A note to my dear blogger friends: yes, I realized I wrote an entire post about a dress form. I couldn't help it. Most anyone that sews surely understands. :)


  1. So sweet! I LOVE Carrie. She will be dearly missed... but I'm glad a piece of her (Addie) is staying behind... [sniff]

  2. Oh man, Sharon! I am feeling better and better to be leaving Addie in your most capable hands! So glad to have found her a good home!

    Seriously though...why have we not been having sewing parties this entire time?!!!

  3. I am so freakin jealous right now!!!!


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