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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Criss Cross Confusion!

This is what happens when someone other than mommy helps Momo get dressed.

Compliments of Papa. Her bathing top is on sideways - arm is through the neck hole.
I know, I know...those criss cross straps can be tricky!

Which reminds me of a flashback photo:

Front: The wrong way...compliments of daddy. Even she knows something is not right.

Front: The right way....thanks to mommy.

Back: the wrong way (again, compliments of daddy).

Back: the right way (again, thanks to mommy).

Darn criss cross straps must really confuse the men in the family!
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  1. Ha ha! Too funny. My husband has on more than one occassion put the wrong clothes on the boys. They're 3 years apart so I don't know how he thought that was right, LOL!

  2. Right there with you! Trav does the same thing with both girls and funny that they never correct him...lol


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