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Monday, November 22, 2010

Goodbye Rainbow, Hello Happy!

By her reaction you would think that we got her the cutest, fluffiest, puppy in the whole world. But it wasn't a puppy. And it definitely wasn't fluffy. It was this.....

A very happy Kailani with "Rainbow"

A Jackson Chameleon! Both girls were thrilled beyond belief, but especially forever-dinosaur loving, Kailani!

Look at that smile!

Unfortunately after only two days (more like day and a half) Rainbow died. It's a long story and I'd rather not rehash it here, but I wanted to note that it was not at the fault of the girls (or mommy and daddy for that matter!)  It was tough on Kailani and I felt horrible for her. Before she even had a chance to really learn about pet responsibility she had to learn how to deal with the loss of a pet.

Sad, sad, sad! 

But the next day we went to the pet store and let her choose another. This time she chose a baby boy and named him "Happy."

Kailani and Happy bonding

Hungry Happy cathing it's prey. Look at that form!

"Happy" is the perfect name.....because now everybody is! Any other Jackson chameleon owners out there?


  1. What an awesome pet! Sorry to hear about Rainbow and that K was so sad, but Happy seems to be living up to his name ;)

  2. oh my goodness. how trageic to loose your first pet so quickly. i'm glad that you were able to get a replacement. sorry, no lizzards here. only cats and dogs.

  3. So sorry to hear about Rainbow :-(

    Si glad Happy arrived to spread some joy!

  4. A friend gave me the link to your blog because of the similarity in our daughters' names. Your girls are beautiful. We have Kiilani and Kaimana. They are 21 and 20 years old now. We live in Michigan, where their names are very different from everyone else's :)


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