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Monday, November 8, 2010


Time to catch up on some projects I've been working on!

I haven't had much inventory in my Etsy shop but I've been quite blessed that people have been messaging me asking for special request items. Everyone's been really nice with not putting any pressure on a time frame. Lot's of  "No rush! When you have time!"  so THANKS! That has worked perfectly with my schedule! 

M from N.C. asked for an adult sized reversible cupcake apron like the ones I made for Momo's birthday party:

Thanks M! I hope you enjoyed your trip to Hawaii! i am still keeping my eye out for the coffee you like so much!

I also made a Minnie Mouse costume/dress for Miss Peyton in Virginia:

I added some crinoline to the dress to give it some more oophm. :) Peyton totally rocked it....cast and all! Isn't she precious?

I also had a request from  E in Oregon for an Aloha print camera strap with lens pocket:

E - enjoy your trip to Hawaii! So glad that our lives have crossed paths! Wish we could meet up while you are here! :)

Fellow friend and blogger K from Michigan requested a camera strap cover but needed a skinnier one. The first time around I went a little too skinny. Hopefully this one will fit!

After posting pictures of the car seat organizer K requested one as well. This time I made a few modifications including adding a heavyweight stabilizer to strengthen the pockets; made my own bias tape, and I also added some little straps to the back for the option of inserting a dowel or curtain rod to keep the ends from flopping (thanks for the recommendation, Heidi!) I have to admit, it was a bit more work but the end product and the quality is much better! K - it's on the way!

Love the Heather Bailey fabrics. They totally POP!
Added straps to the back for the option of inserting a dowel/curtain rod.

Test Drive - didn't need the dowel after all!
(I am REALLY liking the way the organizer turned out and am considering making a smaller version to put our Wii controllers and remotes in....)

I've got some more special request items in the works - but this time, with Christmas coming up I have deadlines! A couple of mermaid towels, reversible crayon aprons, an adult apron (loving this one so far!) etc! I feel truly blessed to have been sought out, so thank you!

Back to the sewing machine.....

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  1. YAY! So glad to see sewing up a storm. Love the Apron and the Minnie Mouse dress is adorable!! Think I might need to order a car organizer from you too :)

  2. You are amazing! That Minnie Mouse costume...I am speechless.

  3. Glad sewing is picking up... hosting a bunch of giveaways to get me into the christmas spirit. check out the blog if you can put the needle and thread down for a minute.

  4. Such a cute apron...any chance of you selling the pattern?


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