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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Peepster!

Or rather.....Easter! And belated at that!

I knew my oldest would be coming home from school with TONS of Easter candy so I decided not to send any to school.  Instead I made some felt Peeps as seen on "MADE." Ever since I saw laid eyes on them last year I made a mental note to eventually make them. I'm so glad I remembered this year!

And here they are:

Talk about cute to the maximum!

Kailani passed them out to her classmates and to my surprise (I thought the kids would be bummed not getting more candy) the kids were not disappointed. Some of them tied it to their backpacks and a few more took out a permanent marker and drew faces on them. I was mortified for a second but then had to admit it was quite clever!

It was a fun project and will definitely make more again! I'm thinking of making the Peep bunting next. I've already cut out more Peeps......

Question is, do I make it now or next year?

Be sure to check out "MADE" for the free tutorial! And for more homemade gift ideas check out:

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