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Friday, April 1, 2011

Rock Skirt.....or Collector's Skirt!

I recently saw a crazy-cute skirt pattern on Etsy that I wanted to make. The design was simple but the skirt had lots of character. It was called the "Rock Skirt" as the pockets are big enough to stuff rocks, leaves, shells, etc. into. I put it on my "to-do" list but didn't take the initiative to make one until after a recent play date. There I watched my friend's daughter collect leaves and  stuff them into everyone's pockets - including mine. Definitely a sign to make the skirt!

I made the first one for Momo. I bought this batik print forever ago and had planned on making something for myself - like that ever happens!

Then I made two more in this print for some little girlfriends (including the one that was stuffing everyone's pockets!):

Isn't the fabric cute? I love it! Thanks to my BFF Stephanie who lives in Korea for sending it! :)

Now I just have to remember to check these pockets before it goes into the wash!
You can find the pattern on Etsy at "luckypennymake" I tweaked it just a little bit (lined the pockets)and am really happy with the end result!


  1. Loving it and need Steph to send me some fabrics...lol

  2. That last line is so true. We set our dryer on fire last year with a pencil stuck in it. Oops.

    Very cute skirts.

  3. Hi Sharon,
    I found your blog through the luckypennymake flickr pool. Thank you for sharing your pictures there! I love the colors you chose for your skirts; great job! I am also tickled to find that my skirt pattern is aptly named...my daughter skill wears one almost every day and still collects rocks in the pockets :)
    - barbara of luckypennymake


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