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Friday, March 2, 2012

Harajuku Girls Party!

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to my youngest, who just turned five!

For about a year now Momo has been planning her birthday party. Up until the last minute she wanted an adopt-a-puppy party, like the one we threw for her big sister years ago. I was already in the planning stages when I came up with another idea: how about a Harajuku Girls birthday party?

Not sure what a Harajuku Girl is? Without getting all technical, Harajuku is town in Japan known for it's street fashion. Think combat boots and a prom dress....and that's putting it mildly. Harajuku become even more popular with Gwen Stefani and her back up singers/dancers she called "Harajuku Girls." I've had the pleasure of hanging out in Harajuku as a teen when we lived in Japan, and since my kiddo already tries to dress like one, why not?

The next question was WHERE? We don't have the room at home so we opted to have her party at a local karaoke joint. PERFECT!


My girlfriend (from LiCa Hawaii)made me some tissue pom poms to hang from the ceilings. Gorgeous! I plan to hang them in the girls bedroom next!

The party gave me an excuse to finally buy the 4-pack of miniature vases that Target sells. I put cherry blossoms strands in each one to decorate the tables. The party guests also got to take one home as a party favor:

I also made a Hello Kitty inspired bow for each of the kids:

So kawaii!

We asked our party guests to come dressed up as a Harajuku Girl....and they did! Their outfits ROCKED and their hairstyles were amazing!

Momo and her big sister wore wigs:

 There was also some crimped hair and big, beautiful bows:

Colorful hair extensions:

And even hair that was constructed into a heart!

It wouldn't be a karaoke party without some singing! Not that it was ALWAYS singing. Give some little girls a microphone and anything can happen! Regardless it was always fun (or funny!)

Some of the singing must've have been better than others because:

Even some of the moms got in on the karaoke action but since I value my life I won't post any of those pics! :)

Of course we had to have accessory stations! Tattoos, hair extensions, bows, and nail polish! The older girls were a great help! 


When they weren't singing everyone was still having fun:

One of my most favorite pictures of the night is probably this one. The birthday girl isn't even in it.....she was on the far right and was actually falling off the couch when I took this pic! But every one of the girls was doing their own thing:

A Very Happy Birthday Girl!
It was finally time for cake! Well, cupcakes. Originally we were going to do something different - have a doughnut cake! I even bought some miniature doughnut baking pans and we tested it out. My girls had a fun time decorating the donuts:

Funfetti Double Glazed Miniature Donuts 

But while shopping at Sam's Club Momo saw these and wanted them:

Less work for mama!

I usually have the kids wait until we get home to open gifts but before I knew it gifts started getting passed back and forth and Momo was happily mobbed by her friends:

Lots of FUN, COOL, accessories for the accessory queen! Hair clips, clothes, hats, jewelry, make-up, etc! She especially loved her hats:

Pug Hat made by Lica Hawaii

For party favors each of the girls took home their vase, Hello Kitty bow, and a bento box (versus "goodie bag". Their bento boxes were filled with Japanese candy, snacks, origami, etc. Oh! And a Ring Pop....because it is girlie, of course!

On our way home Momo said, "Mama....my birthday party was so much fun!"

Awwwww. :)


And so was I!

Birthday party - SUCCESS!

Happy Birthday, baby girl! :)


  1. What a super Kawaii party! Your birthday parties are always above and beyond...(this I know for a fact). Both you girls look amazing, especially love K's wig!! I'll be on the phone with you this year planning my girls parties this year...lol

  2. This is adorable! Now I want to throw a Harajuku party. Maybe I can convince the six year old this would be a great idea for her next birthday ;)

  3. what a brilliant idea! i am totally telling my friends with girls about this. don't think the jellybean would be too impressed. ;) happy happy momo!


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