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Monday, March 5, 2012

Pinterest Project: Silhouette Hair Bow Holder

Did you see my last blog post about my daughter's Harajuku party ? It was good fun! She received a ton of new fashion accessories (her favorite thing!) and now has quite the hair bow collection! I decided I needed to find a way to store them all, although I am she would prefer to wear as many as she could at one time:

Pinterest to the rescue! There were so many amazing ideas but one particularly caught my attention. A silhouette bow holder! (Click on the link to get the tutorial.) Check out our befores and afters:

I love the polka dot fabric used in the original tutorial but since we live in Hawaii I thought a Hawaiian/Aloha print would be more fitting. The girls picked their fabric from my stash and then painted their frames. (Thank you, Walmart for the $5.00 frames!)

It was a fun project! But now my girls want MORE hair bows!

Thanks to Jessica from "Sew Homegrown" for the step-by-step tutorial!

After the fact: I noticed that Kailani's face (blue background) should have been turned a slight bit more towards the camera....causing her silhouette to be off a bit. Of course I am going to obsess about it! (Shake it off....shake it off!)

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  1. These are so fabulous!!! I so want to make some now!

  2. Adorable! I love the Hawaiian print background.


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