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Friday, November 6, 2015

Whoa Buddy.....

Just as I finally found the ambition to knock a few things off of my ever-growing-to-do list, things came to a complete halt. Whhhhhhy does that always seem to happen? Thanks a lot, Universe.

In this case I threw out my back. If you've ever hurt your back you know that back pain is no joke. Every little move you make = PAIN!

At first I thought I was just going to be sore. But as I took a few steps things felt like they were getting worse rather than better. When I could barely walk up and down the steps, sit down or get up, I knew I was in trouble.

My first thought was, "This is bad. I need to see a doctor." But I was hopeful that the pain would be short lasting. You know, just wait it out. Do a few stretches. Take some Ibuprofen. Use a heating pad. Plus, a simple trip to see a doctor would not be simple at all. Not only would I have to get down our front steps and climb into our truck, I would have to brace myself for this ride:

Yeahhhhhhh. No thank you. And that is the only way out to the main road. Two miles in, two miles out! It's a bumpy ride even without a backache!

With the help of a walking cane I found that I could get around a bit. But after waiting a few days (only to have for my miraculous recovery be a no-show) I forced myself to see a doctor. The final push? My kiddos. My youngest had her first roller derby exhibition coming up and Halloween was the day after that. There was no way I was going to miss either event. Not if I could help it! While I was willing to push through the pain, I had to admit that painkillers would make it a bit more bearable.

The good news? The ride wasn't too bad. My father drove as I braced myself over the bumps by hugging a pillow with one hand and pushing the walking cane into the floor with the other. The bad news? More like embarrassing news? Having to explain to the intake nurse and the doctor just HOW I hurt my back.

"And how did you hurt your back?"

"Ummmmm. I sneezed."

"You what?"

"I sneezed."

"That must have been some violent sneeze."

(Yeah, yeah, yeah. As a matter of fact, it was!)

Thankfully the doctor gave me a prescription to take the edge off, but not leave me groggy and useless. It was just enough relief to allow me to go to the roller derby bout as well as trick-or-treating! But I paid dearly for it. Had a bit of a setback with my mobility and had increased pain over the next few days.

Ten days post-sneeze-related-back-injury I am finally starting to feel better. Not 100% yet, but getting there. When I try to stand up and steady myself I think I must look a lot like a newborn calf trying to find her legs (but not nearly as wobbly and definitely not as cute.) With my husband being out of town I have really had to depend on the rest of my family for assistance. My dad helped with a lot of the household duties, running errands, dealing with the puppy, the kids, schoolwork, dinner, etc. Thanks, dad!

As for my girls, they each helped out in their own way. Momo, eight years old, really stepped up. She helped me get up and sit down, pick stuff up for me that I couldn't reach, help with chores, brought me whatever I needed, and even slept on the couch so she could be closer to me in case I needed help during the night! Shoot. She even helped me pull up my pants when I couldn't! (Yeah, she was mortified.)Thanks, Momo!

Kailani, (my recently-turned-teenager) on the other hand, showed me she cared in a different way. She brought me a frozen Reese's Peanut Butter Cup while I was laid up in bed.


She tried. She could have at least brought me more than one. More like ten. Or a whole bag.

Regardless, thanks Kailani!

Now, I don't know why the Universe felt it was necessary for me to slow down (more like STOP).....but I did, okay? Can I just be better already? I have things to do! I am ready to be up and moving again!

A Hui Hou.....

By the way, if you are ever around me and sneeze, I might tense up. Also, instead of saying, "Bless you" I might respond with, "Are you okay?" After all, sneezing can be dangerous to your health! ;)


  1. Omg I absolutely loved this story! You should definitely write a book...love your stories :)

  2. Omg I absolutely loved this story! You should definitely write a book...love your stories :)


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