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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day & Mermaid Towels

Happy Belated Mother's Day! Hope all the moms (and those that play the role of mom) had a wonderful day yesterday!

We spent Mother's Day at my favorite beach. It's a little out of the way but it's so worth it!

A little snacking, a lot of swimming and Kailani even tested out the mermaid towel that I made. She gave it two thumbs up! She wore it all over the beach and wrapped up in it to dry off. I've been considering making some to put in my Etsy shop but can you say, "TONS of bias tape/binding?" We'll see. I already have the towels to make more...like a pretty pink and green; blue and green; pink and purple, etc. but I just need some motivation (and time)!

I also (unknowingly) learned to appreciate photo editing a little more. Take a look at this picture that I took of the girls at the beach (pre-get-the-picture-now-because-once-they-get-in-the-water-they'll-never-get-out):

Here is what the original photo looked like:

Ahhhhhh.....beautiful white sand......crystal clear blue water.....and.... oh. Hello? Half-naked girl crawling on the beach in the background. I didn't even notice her until after I uploaded the picture to view it! I'm sure some people would appreciate the non-cropped photo but for this mama I'd prefer the bathing beauty OUT of my picture. Wow. (But I admit...it gave me a good laugh!)

Have a great week! And if you made anything recently link up with Skip to My Lou's "Made By You Mondays!":


  1. Sharon, I will order two mermaid towels if you decide to make them!! I have been wanting to buy something from your shop. But since you were so kind to give us the aprons and I don't have a nice camera which requires a strap...the towels would be perfect. Let me know.

    Good use of editing by the way :-)

  2. I LOVE the mermaid towel!!!! Please sell them! I just found your blog and will be returning often!

  3. ROFL! I would have totally cropped her out too :)

    I LOVE the towel! You never fail to impress with your crafty skills. You should definitely put it on Etsy. That is so adorable. Any little one would love it!

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  5. you can also edit the girl out.. :)

    send me the picture and i'll do it for you.. :)



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