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Monday, February 21, 2011

Bubble Birthday

Happy Belated Birthday to Momo!

Momo turned four this month. While her birthday was on a Monday we didn't tell her because we weren't celebrating it for another week (and I wasn't ready to be asked a million times a day, for seven days "When's my party?!?") The plan was to have a bubble themed birthday party in the park, but Mother Nature wasn't having it!

Oh dear. And this was the first time EVER that I would be throwing a party with NO structure - no crafts, no games, no pinata....no nothing! Just bubbles and cake!  (Pretty ballsy of me, I know!)  I figured with the party being outside the kids would be content running around in the grass blowing bubbles, playing on the playground, etc. But nooooooooo. The rain was coming. For sure.

So....against my own wishes I held the party at our small apartment. Yes. Crazy. And we were expecting about 12 kids and their moms. *Breathe in. Breathe out.*

But guess what? It all worked out okay.....even in a small space, with no structure everyone had a great time! Unfortunately I didn't take nearly as many pics as I would have liked. Thank goodness that my BFF took some (and helped with the pizza.....and the favors.....and the balloons..... THANKS BFF!)

 There was some pre-party dancing (Momo always dances to the Black Eyed Peas!):

A little glitter in the hair:

CAKE (from Costco, of course): 

Lots of playing indoors due to the rain and mud outdoors:

Did I mention mud?

I didn't realize till after the fact that I never even took a picture of the "bubble bar" outside (under the overhang). Darn! :( But here's a pic of the party favors. Homemade bubble solution and ribbon wands:

Even if it didn't turn out the way I envisioned it Momo had a GREAT time...and that's what counts! :) When I asked what was the most favorite part of her party she said, "BUBBLES!" 

Happy birthday, Momo! :)


  1. Happy Birthday Momo! Looks like everyone had a fun time....most importantly, the Birthday Girl!

  2. happy belated bday momo! looks like it was a great time. we do the jellybean's bday out in the park. it's worked for the past two years. i hope it works again this year! his bday is on easter this year. i think we won't tell him because his party will be a week later as well.

    glad everything turned out so well. sometimes the unstructured parties are the best.

  3. Hey there! I found your blog while searching for ideas for homemade bubble solution favors for my son's 3rd birthday. :) I've got the solution recipe and bottles covered, but can you tell me where you found wands sold separately? Thanks!

  4. Hi Shannon! I found all the wands being sold as a set of about 15-20 (can't remember exactly how many) in the toys/outdoor play section of Walmart and Target! Hopefully you can find some where you live since it is still the "season". Good luck with your party!


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