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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mama's a Mess + 4 Crazy Kings =


I have stayed quiet about this (and it was HARD!) but now I'm spilling the beans! 

Recently I had the opportunity to meet one of my most favorite bloggers EVER, Kim from 4 Crazy Kings. I've  often made reference to her blog as she is my go-to gal for kid's crafts! Well, Kim and her family came to Hawaii for vacation and I jumped at the chance to meet them!

How did it go? You tell me:

In other words, IT WAS AWESOME! 

Although it was our first time meeting in person I truly felt as if we were two long lost friends reunited! I couldn't get enough of her and her family and hope they come back soon!

The girls got along wonderfully as well! Here are the two little ones, Em & Momo:

And here are he two older ones, Kailani and Lulu:

We met up at the Dole Plantation and walked around the grounds so the mamas (and papa!) could talk and the girls could cut loose. We went into the "World's Largest Maze" and tried to find all the hidden booths:

They found the "Fish" booth....as you can see by Momo making fish lips!

We didn't find them all of them but we had a lot of fun trying! 

We talked so much that we shut the place down. Seriously. We were *this* close to getting kicked out. The announcement over the intercom stated that the plantation had closed (30 minutes prior) and to exit out the front! I think they were speaking to us directly. HA! 

A fun time had by all!

A note to Kim, Papa King and the girls..... "COME BACK SOON!"  :)

Stop by Kim's blog for a few more pictures!


  1. Meeting you and your girls was a highlight of our trip. When we were driving home from the airport I asked if the girls were excited to see Momo. Lu shouted, "Is Kailani going to be there too?" Em shouted, "Momo's at our house!!!" I had to remind them Momo was our CAT! "Oh." Followed by silence. We will never be the same after meeting y'all!

  2. Yes, there was a Kailani page! She is a rock star to Lu :-)


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