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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brownie Pops!

Last week I had to make some baked goods for a Girl Scout bake sale. When I asked Kailani what she wanted me to make she said, "Brownies......but not just ANY kind of brownies." I had to laugh. She wants "crafty" brownies. ;)

After scouring the web for ideas I decided to make Betty Crocker's Brownie Pops. They turned out pretty cute and sold out FAST!


As a matter of fact they turned out SO cute that Kailani wanted me to make more for her end-of-the-year class party!

While you can find the recipe here I made a few changes after reading some of the reviews:

  • to make the brownies thicker (and easier to slide a craft stick into) I doubled the brownie mix recipe
  • baked in a 9x13" pan (have to bake a bit longer - I found it was about 10 - 20 minutes more!)
  • instead of chocolate chips I used chocolate flavored almond bark
  • since you have to lay the brownies flat for the chocolate coating to dry I found it's only really necessary to put candy coating and/or chocolate dip one side of the brownie. The other side is going to get smooshed.
  • I cut the 9x13 pan of brownies into 24 pieces - fit perfectly into little bags!

Ohhhhh...the potential to change things up! White chocolate dip! Double dip! Definitely a recipe to keep! 

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  1. This is brilliant! I'll have to remember this for my kids' bake sales!

  2. Thanks for the great idea! "crafty brownies"! I love it! I'm making these babies!
    Thanks for sharing on Pinkalicious Thursday!

  3. Those look awesome and so yummy! I will def remember this for my girls :)

  4. They look great and such a smart idea to keep the kids from making a mess with chocolate and frosting all over their hands.


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