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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Simple Skirt - by Made

I know Easter has come and gone but I did make some skirts for the girls. They are definitely not your typical Easter skirts. As a matter of fact the only Easter thing about them is the color and....hmmmmm....that they wore them on Easter day! Does that count? 

I made the skirts using totally irresistible fabric, "Thunder Flower" by Alexander Henry in pink (you HAVE to see the red!): 

Oh yeah. These anime girls kick bootie like my girls do:


I tried using the "Simple Skirt" tutorial and this is how it came out:


It turned out cute, but I after I was done and Kailani tried it on I realized I should have made the top layer longer (like in the tutorial). Can't make the bottom layer shorter as she is tall and her legs go on for days! Next time I will tweak it a little bit. Regardless, SHE really likes it.

(Update: I pinned the bottom layer to see how it would look altered. MUCH BETTER! Don't mind the pins in the pic:)

For Momo I just made a gathered skirt with the same fabric but with a pink hem:

Pretty sweet!

If you want to make one head over to "Made" for the free tutorial! She has instructions to make both a single layer and a double layer simple skirt! Thanks Dana!

PS And for more handmade inspiration check out:

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  1. adorable!! momo's skirt w/ the pink hem is the CUTEST!!!!


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