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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sweet Little Cupcake Aprons x 2!

Right before Christmas I heard that two sweet little girls were getting a play kitchen for Christmas! Well, what do little domestic-goddesses-in-training need while working in their kitchen? Cute little aprons of course! Even better if they have cupcakes on them!

Their mom was sweet enough to send me this picture of them:

Seriously. Look at these cutie-patooties in action. Could I have ASKED for a better picture? No way. It is PERFECT in every way!

(Apparently the pizza delivery guy is getting an earful for being late....)

Enjoy, girls! :)

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  1. I love love this picture!!!!!

    (though I was thinking daddy was getting yelled at for forgetting the cookies!!!!! LOL)

  2. Great photo, and love the new look!

  3. @Courtney - the picture is CLASSIC. I crack up every time I look at it!

    @Mandy - thank you!!!

  4. Adorable aprons but the picture is priceless...love her expression while on the phone..lol


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