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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little House on the Prarie.....

The other day when visiting a local quilting shop Kailani tried on a bonnet that was on display. Okay, I admit, bonnets are not my thing. However, I could not deny the fact that it was incredibly cute! Impulsively I bought the kit which included the pattern, instructions, fabric, elastic, etc. Could I have made it on my own? Probably. But the question is would I have taken the time to figure it out? Probably not.

While reading the instructions and thinking there were steps missing I decided to hop online and search the web for some clarification. I found a (FREE) tutorial with clear directions and pictures on how to make them. Pretty much the same way I made mine with the exception of the ruffles. Check it out here. Revive Sara's blog! Tell her I sent you!

The bonnets do tie under the chin but instead I tied them in the back. This makes it a bit easier to take on and off and prevents me from having to tie them again....and again....and again. If you are a parent I'm sure I don't need to explain!

In addition to the bonnets the girls are wearing pillowcase dresses that I made this morning. I got both pillowcases from Goodwill for a DOLLAR a piece! Talk about a bargain!


  1. Hey Sharon- from a photographer's point of view- I LOVE the pillowcase dress- I think I would like the bonnet better if it was in white like the dress- maybe using the lace detail on the brim?

  2. Teresa - I totally agree with you! However, the fabric (at least for the blue one) came with the instructions. I let my oldest pick out which one she wanted and then she picked one out for her sis. lol I think a white bonnet - maybe accented with some eyelet would be adorable!

  3. How cute. Thanks for the link to the tutorial. My daughter loves the Little House Series and would love to have a costume with a bonnet like this.


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