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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Puzzle Pockets

Ever have one of those "AH-HA!" moments? You know, where you see something so seemingly easy to make that you are kicking yourself for not thinking of it on your own? Well, I had one one of those moments recently. PUZZLE POCKETS! If you have young kids then you probably have puzzles....or should I say puzzle PIECES laying around. Well no more!

Allison over at cluck.cluck.sew had a great idea of putting a felt pocket on the back of wooden puzzles. That way you can store the pieces in the back and not lose them (or at least not lose them as easily!) I took out our wooden puzzles (of course every puzzle had pieces missing), some felt, pinking shears, Velcro, my glue gun, turned on my sewing machine and got started.

Okay. It looks simple, right? *Sigh* Well, let's just say had I had another cup of coffee before attempting this little project it would've gone much better. I had to do the first one over twice. While I left enough of a gap at the opening I didn't give my Velcro enough
room for when the pocket was full. It looks perfectly fine when the pocket is empty....but when there are puzzle pieces inside it ends up looking like this:

(Notice there is a "bubble" forming so there is room for the puzzle pieces.)


After making the same mistake AGAIN I figured I'd just leave it. It still functions fine. I just made a mental note to myself to leave more room next time.

Next time? As in when I make the next one immediately after this one? How about I did it AGAIN! ARRRRGH. "Just let it go.....let it go.....it's not a big deal......"


On to the 3rd and final one. Whew. Came out fine. :)

Here they are in all their glory. Mistakes and all:

Lesson of the day: no crafting till after coffee.


  1. THAT is a brilliant idea! I have so many of those lying around here!

  2. So smart! Might have to steal the idea for our puzzles here :) But don't worry I would never say it was all my idea ;)

  3. Hi Sharon, we love this idea and have added it to an upcoming Management Monday post on ABC & 123. Hope you don't mind sharing!

  4. Katie & Katie - of course I don't mind! Just so you know..it wasn't my original idea! I gotta thank Allison over at cluck.cluck.sew! She's got a much better picture than I do! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)


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