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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cupcake Game

Look at this fabric! Is it cute or what?

Now, what to do with it? How about this:

Know what it is? No? Yes? Maybe? What if I showed you this:

Ahhhh....a felt memory game!

The fabric is by Timeless Treasures - their "Got the Munchies?" line. I thought it was super cute and absolutely perfect to do something with for Momo's cupcake party. With 12 different, perfectly sized cupcakes on the print which are evenly spaced (easy to cut!) I thought it would be great to make a memory game. Since most of our guests are a mere three years old I'm going to package three or four pairs of matching cards to give away as party favors. That should be enough, right?

Cutting. Ugh. Lots of cutting. (How do quilters do it?) Cut the cupcakes, cut the adhesive, cut the felt.....not hard but time consuming.

While I intended for this to be a no-sew project I ended up using my machine. However, it CAN be done without sewing! (You could use a fabric glue or iron-on type adhesive.) I used some iron-on adhesive to attach the fabric onto the felt and in addition did a straight stitch around the edges. Pinking the edges of the felt made it look that much cuter. :)

Can I just mention that I now know the difference between wool felt and craft felt? OH MY....what a difference! Lots of love for wool!

Got a lot more cupcake things to do.....better get on it! :)


  1. Love the idea!! So cute, and the cupcakes are GREAT. Nice job.

  2. Super cute! It's going to be a fun party and I may have to steal the theme!

  3. AWESOME!!!! So glad to see you back on your blog and sewing!!

  4. Super cute. Yes, you definitely need to make the cupcake bites! They aren't hard, just a little time consuming. But, the kids just LOVE them!

  5. You are too clever! I just love the cupcake print. And I hear you on the difference between wool and craft felt. They are worlds apart! However, so are the prices. I wish I could find the wool variety cheaper.


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