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Friday, October 1, 2010

Hoarder or just being prepared? A photo experiment......

Please tell me I'm not the only one. Actually, since sharing the pictures with friends I have been told that I am not alone and others feel my pain.

Every time we leave the house to go somewhere Momo (3.5) has to pack up a whole bunch of random stuff (at least it's random to me - to her it could be something of great significance!) to lug to the car. Even if it's for a five minute drive somewhere. It's rattles my nerves. But instead of getting annoyed this past week I took a picture whenever (minus a few occasions) we left the house.

Pompom, Pokemon cups, phone

Pompom, Pikachu hat, umbrella

Pompom & Legos

Shopping cart (I don't think so!) Princess purse, Pompom
Disappointed because she is minus the shopping cart.

Pompom, backpack with picnic items

Pikachu backpack, cap, paper towel roll, backpack and Pompom

Pikachu hat, Tupperware cups, Netflix envelope, cap, purse, sunglasses and Pompom

Two stuffed animals, Pokemon book. Where's Pompom, you ask?
Being washed! The world should thank me. ;)

And that, my dear friends....concludes this week's experiment. Now I must unload the van, or as my friends have suggested, have a mobile garage sale or advertise as a traveling swap meet!


  1. LOL, I have loved seeing these pics on FB. The girls do the same thing but not exactly to the same extent..lol She is too precious!

  2. Do you make sure you "have everything" before leaving the house? She might just be emulating you. :)

    If she doesn't have separation anxiety from her things...this could be a really great thing! Think of what a prepared young-adult she will be! :)


  3. how sweet. though i totally see the annoying aspect. the jellybean does the same thing before going to bed. he scans the living room before heading up the stairs and always has to go with something. at the moment there is almost no room in his bed for him. and it's a double bed!

  4. I believe my little Dane channels the same compulsion. On thursday we had to go to mack and milo's school with an ice chest...not filled with food, but filled with stuffed animals and plastic lego men. Glad to know I am not the only one :)

  5. hmmm...

    carrying a few precious belongings = cute 3 year old

    carrying precious belongings in shopping cart = cute 3 year old bag lady

    i can see why you nixed the shopping cart :-)

    both my girls do the same thing. you'd think we were driving to california. i also know for a fact if my 3 year old owned a shopping cart she would be single handedly trying to shove that puppy in the mini van.

  6. I laugh because my son does the exact same thing. He's six and he's been doing it as long as I can remember.


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