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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Photo Flashback

Been really busy - which explains the lack of posting! Moving, party planning, etc. etc. and now my father is here visiting while Kailani is on fall break. We're busy but having fun!

Today we went to a local family favorite restaurant - "Shiro's Saimin Haven and Family Restaurant" (known to the locals simply as "Shiro's") for some saimin. I took a picture of Kailani and my dad:

....when I suddenly I had a flashback and had to dig around for this photo when we got home: 

The second photo was taken over five years ago at Shiro's (told you it was a family favorite!) Kailani was only three at the time. While it looks like she's trying to psych him out to get a taste of his food she's actually secretely putting her green onions into his soup. What she didn't know, though, was that my dad loves green onions!

This time around things were different. Kailani wasn't putting stuff into his soup but taking things out. :)


  1. that saimin looks like something i would love! i love family favorite restaurants. our's is a korean place.

  2. First the saimin looks delish and second how sweet are those pictures! Can not believe you found the older one, look how little Kailani was!!


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