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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Suncatcher Ghost

I hosted a Halloween craft playdate today for the little ones - fun, fun, fun! Prior to it I looked for a Halloween story to share. While there were many to choose from a lot of them were too "creepy" (according to Momo) and I certainly didn't want to creep any kids out before their big trick-or-treat day! 

I finally found a book that I thought would work - "Ghosts in the House" by Kazuno Kohara. It's a really cute story about a little girl that moves into a house which is haunted by ghosts - but she is not afraid because she is a witch and a ghost collector at that!  After capturing the ghosts she puts them into the washing machine and then uses them as curtains, a tablecloth and a few other things. What a clever little girl!  

We give this book two thumbs up!

After the story we did a follow up craft. Since the story was about happy ghosts we had the kids make some happy little ghost "suncatchers." 

All you need for the craft is Contact paper (you can find Contact paper where they sell shelf liners in the store) and random white crafting supplies like ribbon, tissue, glitter, etc. You also need scissors, tape and a pen (to draw the ghost - or you can cut the ghost out free hand if you're good at that!)

I found the idea here but instead of using felt to make the eyes we used googly eyes. Using contact paper was GREAT as it was sticky (but not too sticky) and definitely less messy than using glue!

Of course when Kailani came home from school she wanted to make one too: 

They look darling on the window! Try it! It's easy and fun! 

Edited to add:

If you are looking for lesson plans that include a story and some sort of craft please check out "A Mommy's Adventure" - stART (story-art):

Thanks so much to Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot for telling me about Michelle's blog!  (How did I not already know?!?)


  1. absolutely LOVED this craft!! thank you so much!! :) i still have to take a photo of it and post it on HM. was great seeing you today, and thanks for lending me the book!! it was sooo cute! i'm sure it'll be a hit. :)

  2. Awesome craft and looks like a blast! I miss our play dates!!

  3. What a cute idea! Love the craft, will have to try it sometime with my daughter!

  4. I love that book, we saw it at Borders and I meant to do a book craft for it all month long! Yours is super cute and I'm glad I didn't it. My ideas weren't nearly as cool! You should add it to the stART linky at A Mommy's Adventures.

  5. What a cute idea!

    My kids would love that.

  6. That book looks super cute. I love the idea of just sticking stuff onto contact paper.

  7. I have never heard of this book before. It looks great. The ghosts are super.

    Please stop by and link this post to Read.Explore.Learn.

  8. That book sounds so cute, I'll have to see if I can find it! Love the ghost suncatchers!


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