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Thursday, October 14, 2010

What 3rd Graders Have Taught Me.....

If it weren't for having a 3rd grader in the house I might not have ever learned about:

1. Silly Bandz. Are these popular where you are? Silly Bandz are silicone bracelets that are molded into different fun shapes such as zoo animals, sea animals, alphabets, fruits, etc. The kids collect them, wear them, stack them and trade them. Boys like them too!

(Reminds me so much of Madonna and her black jelly bracelets!)

You know if you were a child of the eighties you had some. :)

The other thing I would've never known about is:

2. Water Marbles (also known as crystal soil). I've seen them but never paid any attention to them as they are primarily used for decorative purposes in vases. They came up in conversation one day and I was told that they were all the rage with the kids. And since you buy them in the craft section of stores I HAD to go check it out!

Ben Franklin Crafts carries them but you can probably find them at just about any store that has a craft/floral section. Here's what the packaging looks like:

The crystals are itty-bitty!

I opened the entire package and dumped them into a bowl with 2.5 quarts of water (per instructions):

And here is what they look like four hours later:

Aren't they PRETTY?

The colors totally POP! One little package makes a lot, and I mean A LOT!!! Had I known that I wouldn't have opened two packages! I filled about six pasta jars full of them!

Each of the girls got a bowl full and they love to roll them around in their hands (I have to admit, it feels a bit therapeutic!) Over time the marbles will shrink back to their original size. When they do just add water to have them grow again!

Silly Bandz + water marbles = happy Momo. She treats them as if they are her pets. The first thing she did when she woke up this morning was grab her bowl to check on the little critters (of course she then proceeded to shove her whole hand into the bowl which causes  major spillage! And just an FYI - when the buggers spill they bounce all over the place! It is a big potential mess but oh-so-fun!)

***IMPORTANT NOTE: I thought I would mention that there is a warning on the packaging - water marbles are not recommended for children under the age of 14 as they are a choking hazard. Use at your own risk. And if you do use them, be responsible and supervise. Just wanted to pass that on.....


  1. Yeah those silly bandz do remind me of those jelly bracelets but the water marbles seem awesome and they are so pretty after they have been in water.

  2. yep, the silly bandz are here, but they haven't hit our house since the jellybean isn't in school yet.

    those water marbles look veyr cool and i know the jellybean would totally love them. i've gotta check out our craft store!


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