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Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Merry Belated Christmas! Hope you had a wonderful holiday with loved ones!

Our Christmas was great! First and foremost, I am incredibly grateful that my husband is home and not deployed elsewhere. On that note, my thoughts go out to the military families (and all other families) that had to spend the holidays apart!

We did a lot of running around days prior to Christmas day. You know, the usual....last minute shopping, trips to the post office, etc. etc. But we also paid a visit to Santa and both girls actually took a decent picture!

 We also did some easy Christmas crafts. I bought some glass bulbs and had the girls drip paint into them and roll it around. We turned them upside down and placed them into a small paper cup to drain. When they were dry we hung them up. Here is a picture of a few of them: 

Kailani also left some cookies and a note for Santa:

We were also invited to a Christmas party where our friend Jill had a local style mini-Christmas tree on display. She hung it with Li Hing Mui, nori make and gumdrops. Isn't it cute?

And then of course, Christmas morning. Can you believe the kids actually slept in? Of all days! I even made it a point to wake up early so I could at least have a cup of coffee before all the opening of the gifts! I ended up waking them up! 

Hope you had a merry one! 

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  1. If that isn't the prettiest little Charlie Brown Christmas tree! Love the picture of the girls. My girls wouldn't get near Santa if their lives depended on it.


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