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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jailhouse Rock! Elvis Place Mats

Elvis fan? One of our friends might just be his biggest! As a matter of fact this friend of ours just got back from a trip to Graceland! That's some hardcore Elvis lovin'! :)

So the question arose as to what to give him for Christmas. Nothing major...just a "thinking of you" kind of gift. But what do you get a guy that has already has everything? On top of that has everything Elvis? Not a clue until I saw some Elvis fabric. Then the question was what to do with the fabric?

Since the Elvis prints almost looked like panels I decided to cut out the four different pieces and do something with them. Ahhhh. Place mats! Not something I would usually gift a guy.....but I'm hoping that the whole Elvis plastered on the front of the mat will make up for the fact that they are....well......place mats! Ha!

Elvis Place Mats

Back of the place mats.

It should have only taken me about an hour to make them but as it turns out, no matter how much ironing I did the panels were not perfect squares (GOSHDARNIT!) Then I had to take the imperfect squares, center them onto the black fabric, iron, applique and then sew them on. Ugh. You'd think that would be enough work but then I got super ambitious and decided to pad the mats as well. Before I knew it the place mats were going from a "thinking of you" type of gift to a "thinking of you A LOT" kind! 

Anyways.....the end result? After several HOURS of being totally obsessive I finished...and I'm happy! And there is something about the Michael Miller stripes that I LOVE. Not sure why but I do! It's very rich looking...and masculine. Perfect for this project. 

I also totally scored on a  black and white retro Elvis photo mug that I found at Ross. Gotta love Ross! Matches the place mats well!

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  1. Love,love,love!!! Where in the world did you find the Elvis fabric??


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