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Friday, August 19, 2011

Bake Sale Goodies

Bake Sale time!

But what to make? We only had about two days notice so I had to think fast. Fast, easy and cheap came to mind but I knew my daughter would prefer something "fabulous". Thank goodness for Pinterest and an idea that my girlfriend Emily pinned! Mini Rice Krispie Ice Cream Cones!

Aren't they CUTE? Not nearly as cute as the original recipe but that's okay! I packaged them in pairs in clear cellophane bags and they sold out FAST! I have to admit, it was hard to be humble when the other moms ranted and raved about them. My response, "Ohhh....thanks!" (insert sheepish grin) when I really wanted to respond, "I KNOW RIGHT?!? THEY ARE SOOOOO CUTE!" HA!


So you probably want the recipe? They are basically made up of a miniature cone (they are TINY! Not even 2 inches tall!), Rice Krispie treats, melted candy melts (or almond bark), sprinkles and a candy on top (I used little chewy Sweet Tarts for the "cherry"). Here's where I found the original recipe:
Cute as a Fox. Check her out and be inspired....they are AMAZING!

Of course since this was the first time I made them I did have some set-backs: 

1) My candy melts did not want to melt! It's not like it was my first time doing it so I was a bit baffled. I even tried adding vegetable shortening like the instructions suggested but that didn't work either. Since I didn't have any more on me I had to work with what I had. I ended up molding the chocolate onto the Rice Krispie treats. Sure, it worked but it didn't give it the look of dripping, melting chocolate that I wanted. 

2) Momo (4) REALLY wanted to help me. *Sigh* I put her on sprinkle duty and she sprinkled (POURED?) away. If it were up to her the little cones would be 90% sprinkles and 10% everything else.

3) Much like the instructions on the recipe warned me the little suckers are MASSIVELY top heavy. After putting the cones together the little things would topple over. I tried a few different things - adding frosting or candies to the cone but it just wasn't heavy enough. So, the next time I make them (and I will) I will stuff the cones with Rice Krispie treats as well. I just have to remember to make extra Rice Krispie treats. 

The recipe is definitely a keeper!

P.S. Want an invitation to Pinterest? Leave me your email address and I'll invite you! 

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