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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Check out Etsy!

I recently went into a boutique and found a set of three baby burp cloths selling for $30.00. Really? You know darn well I pretty much dissected them: studied the fabric, design, workmanship, etc. only to come to the conclusion that (excuse my lack of humbleness) they are no better than mine or the other 28,000 (yes, you read that right!) burp clothes listed on Etsy! So the next time you're in need of a unique boutique type gift why not give handmade a try? You can find just about anything handmade on Etsy without the boutique price! You are bound to find something that you like!*

Speaking of burp cloths, a family friend recently had a baby. Instead of spending *cough-cough* $60.00 on two sets of three burp clothes I made a total of six with fabric that I already had on hand:

Laura W., recognize the fabric? :)

In addition to the burp cloths I've been busy sewing other things like camera straps, nursing covers, etc. And with my daughter's birthday coming up as well as Halloween I think my sewing machine is going to be running at full capacity! Thanks to all my fans, supporters and repeat customers for keeping me busy and for referring your friends! You guys are the best! 

Another note: While I haven't been blogging as much you can always find me with status updates, one-liners and pictures on my Happy Hapa Facebook page. Come say "hi" to me there! Here's the link: Happy Hapa.

Have a great week! And east coast friends.....be safe with Hurricane Irene on the way!

*In no way do I mean to bash boutiques as many carry beautiful, handmade items! Just wanted to give a shout-out to all the wonderful Etsians out there! <3 


  1. I am obsessed with Etsy, but when it comes to the burp cloths on it, you really need to watch out. I bought some for a friend that were adorable, but the actual cloths were such poor quality. They looked fantastic in the images and were described as very thick, durable quality, but in person they were so cheap looking. No wonder they were such a good price.
    Plus, I couldn't return them because they were personalized.
    Just be careful and ask whichever seller you're buying from LOTS of questions about them.

  2. Great point! One of the cons of shopping online and not being able to "dissect" the product! Descriptions of items are also biased - what might be "durable quality" to one may not be to another! There definitely are perks to shopping in stores. Thanks for sharing! (And so sorry you had that experience! UGH.)


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