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Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Brown Bagging!


Seriously. I am finding myself desperately needing a break from our back-to-school routine and school has only been in session for two weeks! All the drama that comes with homework, bed time, wake-up time, after school activities, etc! Ugh! I know it will get easier (or I will become immune to it.....)

And let's not forget, FOOD! Breakfast, lunch, dinner....my child has an opinion on everything she eats and thinks she has the right to change her opinion at the blink of an eye. At least she's fair and complains about school lunch as well (minus the teriyaki meatballs which she LOVES! By the way, I have tried duplicating it and she has no problem telling me that it's not even close. Seriously? I have to compete with cafeteria food?!?)

To prevent my kid from "STARVING" herself at school (and then come home saying, "I am SO hungry!) I suggested she take home lunch on the days she didn't like what the school was serving. I had her look at the school menu and cross off the days she didn't want to eat school lunch: 

Really? Maybe that wasn't such a great idea after all? She only wants "chicken sticks!" And how can she not want kalua pork?!? Whose child is this?


In all honesty it's been working out great! I guess it's time to stock up on sandwich bread, cheese, etc! 

As my girlfriend Anita told me, "Happy Brown Bagging!"


  1. How sad to not see Teriyaki Chicken on the menu! I remember Iroquois Point serving that so often. It was amazingly good. Thighs, always thighs. I'm hoping to brown bag for Tyler when school starts in about a week. Maybe I'll do your crossing off thing, but what if he really wants the gross stuff?

  2. As a teacher I used to see the harried mothers rush in with students and feel so sorry for them. (But not sorry enough to stop giving homework) Guess I'll be one of the crew next year. Bracing myself...

  3. @Peggy - you're right! No teriyaki chicken?!? And Tyler probably will want the gross stuff - LOL! Keep me posted...would love to hear what he says!

    @Caitlin - HA! Me too....I'd feel sorry for them or secretly think, "Get it together!" Now as a mom I understand.... Definitely brace yourself! :)


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