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Friday, February 27, 2009

Bibs & Blankets - Here's some help!

I woke up this morning with a big smile on my face thinking about bibs and blankets (okay - not entirely true. I had to have my cup of coffee first!) After the caffeine kicked in I started browsing the web for different tutorials to help with this adventure. I can't tell you how many creative ways I found to make bibs and blankets! The more and more I thought about it the more I think that for this project everyone should have the freedom to choose how they want to make their own. After all, every kid is different so every kid will have their own preference. Snaps, no snaps, Velcro, no Velcro, pocket, no pocket...you get the idea! However, if you are new to sewing or just need some assistance here are some guidelines:

Receiving blankets:
The orphanage has specifically requested "receiving blankets." Typically if you buy a receiving blanket from a store they are 30" square. However, if you want to swaddle your baby it is better if the blanket is slightly larger. Consider making a blanket that is 34-36" square. Of course you can accessorize with embroidery, rick-rack, etc. but please remember not to embellish with anything that may be a choking hazard. Light-medium weight fabric is recommended. Cottons, cotton-flannel, etc. Think of something that is soft to the touch.

There is really no wrong or right way to make a bib. Rounded, square, open, closed, Velcro, snaps, etc. You decide!

Check on the right hand side of this blog for some helpful links. I plan to include links to tutorials as well as links to websites where you can purchase patterns if you prefer it that way. I will also start posting different sites where you can purchase handmade bibs/blankets. If you know of any more please leave a comment with the link.


  1. I am way excited about this too Sharon- I have great plans to start next week. Now- you said they want receiving blankets- but what about for the older children? Can we make them fleece blankets?

  2. Hi Teresa! I'm glad you share my excitement! :) You know, the home contacted me about my tour date but I still haven't been able to speak with the donations coordinator. I will ask him/her about the blankets for older kids. I think it's another great idea! I'll keep you posted! Thanks again!


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