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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sassy Camera Strap

A few months ago my BFF Stephanie showed me a link to a patchwork camera strap she saw online. Along with the picture was a quickie tutorial. Immediately I thought, "I have GOT to make one of those!" Unfortunately the idea to make one got pushed to the back of my mental Rolodex until just recently.

Since Stephanie inspired me to make one I decided to make one for her. We both share the love of Asian fabrics so I went with that theme. She also loves the color purple - but do you know how hard it was to find purple Asian fabric? I made do with what I could find and I gotta tell you, I think they came out pretty good! The first one I made in a patchwork style, the other I used one fabric print. Doesn't it look much better than having the word "CANON" screaming across the strap?



Funny thing is at first I didn't realize that the picture and tutorial was from one of my favorite blogs! "House on Hill Road". If you love arts and crafts, sewing, and/or photography or are looking for a little inspiration you've got to check it out! House on Hill Road

Stephanie - if you're reading this the straps are in the mail! :)

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  1. So smart! The fabrics are awesome. Steph's going to love it!!


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