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Sunday, January 25, 2009

High-Ho, High-Ho, Off to the Dungeon I Go.....

So where to begin? Let me start of saying we are right in the middle of a big move - moving from Virginia back to my home of Hawaii. Currently we are staying with my father in the foothills of N.C. until the summer. My dear husband has already returned to the islands to get a "head start." Lucky him!

A few days before Christmas we started the first part of our move. With the help of my father we loaded up the kids, my father's truck & trailer as well as his van and a U-Haul trailer and made the 6.5 hour drive to N.C. All of our stuff was unloaded and put into the basement (aka the dungeon)....where most everything still is! Every time I go down there I feel overwhelmed! Boxes on top of boxes! But I am desperately seeking a few things:

a) All of my sewing stuff! Thank goodness my sewing machine (prized possession) rode in the van and didn't get lost in the dungeon with everything else!
b) My camera charger;
c) My new webcam that my BFF gave to me as a going away present so we and our kids can keep in touch; and
d) All my STARBUCKS goodies! (Another present from my BFF!) Truffles, chocolate covered coffee beans.....need I say more?!?

So since I can't find anything craft-related I'm at a bit of a loss of what to blog about first! Also, my personal computer is still packed up which means all of my pictures that I have loaded on there are as well! I gotta get on it. Mama's a mess!

Meanwhile I have discovered that since leaving Virginia my youngest daughter is an absolute genius. Here's the proof:

Momo in her highchair. Even the dog can't figure her out!

Another genius moment. Momo likes to climb into the doll case. By the way, that's not a binkie in her mouth but a "Ring Pop". Please - no slamming me for giving my kid a lollipop. How else am I going to get onto the computer for a few uninterrupted minutes?

We all know that kids like boxes!

High-ho, high-ho, back to the dungeon I go.....


Welcome to my blog! Whether you're here via invitation or you happened to stumble across it thanks for stopping by! My intentions of this blog are simple - to have a place where I can share with others a little bit about my life and what I love - my family, my friends, sewing, crafts, cooking, photography and anything else that inspires me.

Time for a "disclaimer": I am not saying I am an expert at ANY of the things mentioned above because I most definitely am NOT! No Martha Stewart here! I can't sew without a pattern, cook without a recipe, or do anything off the top of my head for that matter! I need an instruction book for everything and even when I have one I don't want to read it! Speaking of which - has anyone seen my instruction manual on being a mom? It must've gotten lost in the mail...

I want to thank two of my dearest friends, Marian "Sparks" for the wonderful idea of keeping a blog and my "BFF" Steph for the title! She's always telling me, "You're a mess" :)

Feel free to share with me what's on your mind!