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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mama's Empty Pockets - Blog Launch!

Do you love to enter giveaways? Leave a comment, blog about it, Tweet about it and you can win something fabulous without paying a dime? How great is that?

My BFF Stephanie (A Pocket Full of Buttons) and I were talking about this awhile back. As you know to increase your chances of winning products one option is to blog about it. However Steph and I both don't want giveaways to dominate our current blogs. We decided to come together and create our own place that is soley for giveaways and everything giveaway related!

Our blog will be called, "Mama's Empty Pockets." Sound familiar? That's because it's a fusion of "Mama's a Mess" and "A Pocket Full of Buttons." How perfect is that? With the current state of our economy mama's pockets aren't quite as full as they used to be (or ever were!) So let's try and win some stuff - without having to pay for it!

Tomorrow, July 1st is the big launch and we thought it would only be appropriate to start it off with our own giveaway! THREE winners (yes, I said THREE!) will be selected to win something FIERCE from Stephanie's shop "Sew Fierce". Winners will be chosen on July 15th! Wanna know what it is? You'll have to tune in tomorrow to find out! Wish us luck! And good luck to you!


(PS Thanks to Stephanie for jump starting this all! While I have been busy preparing for our move she has been the brains and the creative director for "Mama's Empty Pockets". In other words she's been doing all the work!)

Spread Eagle Float

And "Hi" daddy....

I have been so busy the last couple of days (weeks) preparing for our move that I have been lacking some quality time with my kids. I hate hearing myself say, "not now," "I can't," "I'm busy," "tomorrow", etc. Well, since the movers DIDN'T come yesterday like they were supposed to (long story) the girls were able to spend some time in the pool with papa.

Watch Momo try to swim. She's 2 years and 4 months - she can bob, blow bubbles, kick, paddle, hold her breath, jump into deep water, float and even swim a very short distance. She hasn't figured out how to lift her head up for a breath yet. As you can see in the video clip she dunks her own head under. It's my father that is holding her back (can you blame him?) She is fearless!

Did you hear my dad say "SKEERED?" Ha!

Momo wants to do everything big sister does!

As you can see I am not one of the moms that has the luxury of lounging in a chair when at the beach or pool. I am THAT mom that doesn't get to sit down for a second! But I'm totally okay with that as I am thrilled (relieved) that my girls love the water. After all the years I spent teaching swimming this has got to be one of the best rewards!

Hawaii.....here we come!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Shhhhh.....I really shouldn't be here....I've got so much to do!

But I wanted to pop in and say "hi!"

Yesterday I had my moving sale and did okay - but the heat drained me to pieces. It would've been nice if today could be a recovery day but nooooooo. My movers come TOMORROW! I've still got things to sort through, clothes to wash, things to pack, etc. etc. I'm trying to be as ready as I can be but I think that around midnight I will probably end up tossing whatever is left in a box and call it a night! I would just make it an all-nighter but since I woke up at 4:00 this morning and have been going-going-going rest is definitely in order!

Wish me luck! I'll be back somewhat regularly after my movers come and go!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

From Stephanie, Amanda, Dawn and Stephanie....

As I mentioned before we spent a little over a week in Virginia saying our final goodbyes to family and friends. While there my BFF Stephanie loaded up my van with bags and bags of stuff to give to the Barium Springs Home for Children!

Then another friend of mine, Dawn, who I know from the Peninsula Mommies and a local baby wearing group gave me two blankets that she had made. These blankets are AMAZING. Just as amazing as the baby slings that she makes! (I am the proud owner of one of her slings! Okay, two? No actually three!)

From Dawn - Hampton, Virginia

Then, when I arrived home there were two packages waiting for me.....

Another one of my BFF's, Stephanie (yes, I have two BFF's named Stephanie!) from A Pocket Full of Buttons and Sew Fierce donated 12 bibs that she had made! YES! TWELVE! They are unbelievably soft and well made! How cute is the little pocket she puts on the front?

Bibs from Stephanie - San Diego, California

Thank you Stephanie! I knew I could count on you to send me something fabulous! :)

The second package came all the way from Hawaii! Amanda from Patchwork in Paradise sent three precious handmade receiving blankets! Amanda and I have been chatting online via the Honolulu Mommies and our blogs - we have yet to meet in person but I am so looking forward to it!

From Amanda - Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Thank you Amanda! I am so happy to have received something from my home state! See you (meet you) soon! :)

So what is next? The deadline has come and gone (although if you are nearby and want to still donate something you can!) I actually have a couple of bibs to finish up myself and will post a picture when I am done. Tomorrow (Friday) I am expecting a confirmation call of what day next week our movers are coming. Once I know the day I can schedule a time to drop off all the wonderful goodies to Barium Springs. I will keep everyone posted!

Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH to everyone that has helped out!

Our Trip to Virginia....

Lots of catching up to do and so little time to do it! Let me start off with our trip back to Virginia.... We had a wonderful time. The Virginia schools were still in session and we were invited by Kailani's previous 1st grade teacher to join her class for a reunion/party. I was literally teary-eyed when we walked into her classroom. Such fond memories even if was only six months ago that she attended school there. Her teacher is fabulous! We also ran into her reading teacher, kindergarten teachers, and even the school principal. It was a great reunion for all of us!

While in Virginia I also collected some donation items from my best friend for the Barium Springs Home for Children as well as some beautiful handmade blankets from my friend Dawn. Pictures to follow in a separate post!

We also spent a lot of time with friends:
And family: But not all was good. There was the meltdown (or two or three) and tears:

(Those would be MY glasses that she decided to throw on the ground....)

On our way back to NC we stopped in Virginia Beach to visit with one of my girlfriends from Hawaii. She had the fabulous idea of eating at a fairly new restaurant, Aloha Hawaiian BBQ.

I walked in and felt like I was back home. Not to sound like a big sap but I felt teary-eyed (again!) I've been totally without "local kine grinds" for almost three years now so I had a difficult time choosing what I wanted to eat! One of everything? Is there a sampler platter?
I decided to order three different plates to share between myself and my girls. Spam moco, barbeque chicken combo and the barbeque chicken & chicken katsu combo. As I paid for the food the girl asked, "Would that be all?" My answer? "For now."

Fork? Who needs a fork?

If you looked at the customers in the restaurant you would think that there were all from Hawaii. These boys look like local boys but they are not. They did mention wanting to go back to Hawaii with me. :) The girl in the picture is from Kalihi of all all places!

I'm so glad my girlfriend recommended eating there!

We also stopped by my favorite peanut store - "The Peanut Patch" where they sell Feridies peanuts. I have never had peanuts as good as these!

Now that we are back in NC and the movers are coming a few days I've got to get busy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

100th Post!

THIS post...this VERY ONE that you are reading is my 100th!

Exactly five months and one day ago
I started "Mama's a Mess". While I had an idea of what direction I wanted to go with this blog I had no concept of the journey I was about to embark upon. I've made some mistakes and even have a regret or two but it has all been worth it. I have learned so much and can't wait to learn more! I have made so many wonderful friends that have been such an inspiration and have acted as my cheerleaders as I continued to find my place in the blogging world. And through my bibs and blankets project I have equally experienced the art of giving as well as the art of humility. I am so humbled by everyone's generosity. As ridiculous as this may sound I feel like I have become a better person since starting "Mama's a Mess!" Who would've thought that blogging could do such a thing?

I was really hoping to host my own giveaway once my 100th post rolled around but it came around a lot quicker than I expected! Now that I am within days of moving I will have to postpone that idea. But I promise to do a giveaway once we get settled into our new home!
Thank you to all of my cheerleaders, my followers and my friends for helping me to get this far!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Cooling Off

For more Wordless Wednesday visit 5 Minutes for Mom.

It's Tuesday and I Can't Wait.....

Every Tuesday I noticed that Stephanie from MooBear Designs had a blog entry called, "It's Tuesday and I can't wait." She would post about things that she is looking forward to. I've been meaning to join in but haven't until today! With our big move less than two weeks away I can't say that I will be consistent but I am going to try! Here is my first entry:

ETA: (edited to add) I actually wrote this list this morning but saved it as a draft. Now it is almost 6:00 pm.......

It's Tuesday and I can't wait....

*until I have a confirmed date for packers/movers to come and get our stuff! (Worked on this this afternoon and still no confirmation!)

*to be done with Kailani's school physical this morning (already lots of crying and tears for fear of a shot. One TB test and one chicken pox vaccine. Total drama!) DONE!

*for this Saturday's garage sale to be OVER!

For more Tuesday I can't wait action stop by Buttons for Lou Lou!
(Fab blog, by the way!)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sansa Shaker - MP3 Player for Kids!

Awhile back (while doing who-knows-what) I glanced up at the tv (which I was not watching) and saw someone doing a review on an MP3 player - the Sansa Shaker. What caught my attention about this particular MP3 player was that it has a built in speaker so while headphones are included (ear buds) they are not necessary. Not only that but it also uses an SD card (which is included) so you can share your music with others! But the COOLEST thing about it is to play the next song you shake it! (Or if you're old school and would rather hit the "forward" button you can do that too!) It also makes these funny sounds like, "uh-oh". How fun is that, especially for the younger crowd?

Now my "younger crowd" is pretty young. It consists of a 2 year old and a 6.5 year old. The Sansa Shaker is intended for those eight and above. I realize that these are merely guidelines (and I appreciate them) but that's just it - they are guidelines. I felt that my 6.5 half year old would enjoy having one, especially since she's recently transitioned to listening to "big girl music" such as the Jonas Brothers, Kidz Bop, etc. vs. "kid's music". By the way, when did that happen?!?

So my search began. I was specifically looking for the pink one with 512 MB (smallest capacity and holds approximately 90-100 songs). My search was a long and dreadful one. I could rehash it but it might just get my panties in a bunch and we don't want that. So here's the scoop:

Amazon currently has the 512MB pink one for $29.99 and the blue one on sale for $19.99 (go figure). SOME Toys R Us stores carry it - some only carry the blue one and many are going to discontinue stocking them period!

Toys R Us lists theirs at $19.99 but they were/are on sale for $15.99. Then at another Toys R Us I found the pink one for $9.99! (Yeah! So TAKE THAT Amazon!) We brought it home, uploaded some music and TA-DA! It was ready to go!

Kailani went nuts over it. It didn't take her long at all to figure out how to use it. She tried using the earphones that came with it but it just wasn't working for her. Today I picked up a pair of pink kid's headphones at Target for about $15.99. Kailani LOVES them! I think what she really likes is the option to wear them or not wear them.


Kailani wanted me to blog about her Shaker but didn't want her photo taken!


Of course little sister wants to know what all the fuss is about!

I have to give the Sansa Shaker two thumbs up! If you want one try your local Toys R Us first! Since many of them are no longer stocking them you might just find one on sale!

For other reviews on the Sansa Shaker check out the Sansa Shaker website as well as Amazon.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Responding to Comments - Poll

A little blog etiquette (or "Blogtiquette") question for my blogging friends!

I've searched high and low and have checked out what a lot of you have done but I still haven't figured out what is the best way to respond to comments left on my blog! I appreciate it when someone has taken the time to stop by and leave a note and I'd like to acknowledge them - but what's the best way? Admittedly I haven't been consistent in my responses but I am pledging to do so now!

So, if you are a blogger that DOES respond to comments (I know not everybody does!) here's my question:

"What is the best way to respond to reader comments?"

I have a poll set up at the top of my blog - I'd appreciate your input! Send your friends over here too - the more responses to the poll the better. I'd like to get a general consensus of what people do/prefer. The poll ends in a week. If you leave a comment I will respond via.....well....I guess we'll find out!

Thanks for your help! Now go vote! :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thank Yous - Awards - Recognition

WOW. I'm getting close to my 100th post and I have exactly 100 followers! I may have to host my own giveaway soon! I have something in mind but it will have to wait until I get back to NC. Thanks to everyone for the support, encouragement, tips and ideas over the last couple of months! I have learned so much and have gotten to know a lot of fabulous bloggers! If I haven't returned the favor to look at/follow your blog I promise I will soon!

Now for a couple of awards...

The following two awards I have already received but want to give a big shout-out "THANK YOU!" to those that presented me with it!

Mama King from from 4 Crazy Kings crowned me with the "Zombie Chicken Award!" You may have noticed that I get a lot of my ideas from her so receiving recognition from her is truly an honor! Check out her site if you haven't already! Thanks Mama King!

Jana from Golfersmom presented me with "The Lovely Blog Award". She's got quite a few giveaways on her blog including a gift certificate to Build-a-Bear that ends today! Check her out - you may win something fabulous! Thanks Jana!

I also received the Kreativ Blogger award from Steph at
A Pocket Full of Buttons. Steph is a real life friend (not just a blogger one!) Check out her blog as well as her Etsy store and website! She's a talented mama! Thanks Steph!

The rules for the Kreativ Blogger are simple. List seven things that you love; link back to the person that gave you the award; and pass the award on to seven other bloggers.

Here are my seven random things that I love. Some are obvious others may not be.

1) My family. My husband is the ying to my yang. Knowing him has made me a better person. I secretly strive to be more like him (he would fall over if he read this but since he doesn't read my blog I guess he's not at risk for him falling and having a concussion!) I know this sounds so cliche but my girls are my life! Even at their young age they have qualities that I admire and wish I had more of. Their inquisitiveness, their ability to be so carefree and to love the moment and laugh at the simple things. They remind me to stop and smell the coffee roses.

Me and my little mini-mes. I WISH I looked more like them!

2) Speaking of coffee - a quiet morning with a cup in hand!

3) My friends - distance has kept us apart but our friendship continues to grow. I heart you.

4) Women with a passion. I don't have to share the same passion or even agree to what rocks your world but I still admire you.

5) Hawaii. For so many reasons. Did you know you can see a rainbow almost everyday?

6) To learn something knew. It's stimulating and exciting. I always joke that I want to be a professional student!

7) Hearing my kids laugh and play together. Its' the best sound in the world!!!

I now pass this award on to some ladies that continue to inspire me! Thanks for making my world a little more colorful!

It's a Beauty Filled Life

Mommy Confessions

Momma's Gone Over the Wall

The Long Thread

Stitches and Scissors

Sew Funky

Chickpea Sewing Studio

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Father's Day Gift Idea

Father's Day is coming up! Are you ready? I have looked long and hard for the PERFECT Father's Day card (that apparently does not exist.) Most were either too mushy or just plain boring. Unfortunately I don't have a poetic bone in my body and I don't have the patience to make a card either. Lo and behold I ended up finding a card that I liked! It's actually a birthday card but I easily fixed that with a black pen:

"Lord" and "Master". *snicker* Yeah. Right.

So what are we doing for daddy? I wish we could do like the Sears commercial. Have you seen it? Big screen tvs, grills, tools, etc. but nope. Instead he will get getting some pottery that the kids made for him as well as a little project we worked on today!

With their best friend Ricky (who Kailani SWEARS she is going to marry) the three kiddos did the "Water Color Resist" silhouette that Mama King posted on her blog, 4 Crazy Kings. I have been itching to try it and today was a great day to do it! (For a list of supplies and full instructions please check out the 4 Crazy Kings blog.)

Here are some pictures of the kids as they created their silhouette with a brief description of what they did:

Mug profile shots:



Pump up the contrast; print; tape picture to a window; tape Contact paper on top (paper side out) and then trace an outline. (We let the kids trace it in pencil then the mommies redid it with Sharpies.) I thought it would be funny to take a a picture of the kids looking face to face with their profiles so I told them to "kiss" themselves. I meant for them to kiss themselves on the lips but Ricky and Momo decided to kiss their own cheeks.


Remove Contact paper from window and cut out profile. It is recommended to use an X-Acto knife but we did fine with a pair of very sharp scissors. We then peeled the paper off of the Contact paper and pressed the cut-out profile onto a some white heavy paper. The kids then painted over their pictures with watercolors:


Here is how they looked while drying:


When dry we peeled the Contact paper off and put it in a frame:


If you notice some of the paint "bled" under the contact paper. This is because I didn't make sure that there was a tight enough seal along the edges of the profile before painting. *sigh*

I have to tell you, this was a really fun project. Mama King also did another similar project with Contact paper. Check it out! :)

Going Dot Com Giveaway!

Have you heard of "Tip Junkie?" Tip Junkie is a website that promotes women and their creative tips, ideas, and products. While it is a great resource of sorts consider it a place of opportunity as well. You can submit your own tips, announce a giveaway you are hosting and promote your website and your products! Be sure to check them out!

Currently Tip Junkie is celebrating their 2nd birthday and going "dot-com!" They are giving away some really awesome prizes all week! Each giveaway lasts only 24 hours so be sure enter EVERYDAY before 8:00 a.m.! Congratulations Tip Junkie!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Out of Town.....Craft Hope......Blankets

I am currently out of town but have computer access - if that's what you want to call it. This computer I am on has the slowest-ever connection. I think I'm going to die. If I'm posting less on here this week that's why!

Just in case I don't get to post for awhile I wanted to remind everyone that is helping out with my donation project to the Barium Springs Home for Children that the bibs, blankets, etc. are due on Monday, June 22nd. If you need my address please message me!

Speaking of blankets....
Craft Hope has announced their thrid project! Craft Hope has partnered with The Miracle Foundation to provide blankets, beanies and booties for newborn babies in India. The deadline is July 25th - sooooo..... if you have any extra blankets you want to donate but can't make my deadline won't you consider donating it to Craft Hope? For more info on Craft Hope and project three click here:

Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time
By the way - the latest count for dolls made and donated for Craft Hope's second project is 340! Isn't that awesome? I was so happy to be a part of it!

Blankets from Karen

From Karen - Newport News, Virginia

Polka dots have arrived!

Yesterday I received a package from Karen of Newport News, Virginia. I met Karen while living in Virginia through our local babywearing group and mom's club. She sent three polka dotted blankets that she had made to donate to the Barium Springs Home for Children! Don't the dots just make you smile? :) THANK YOU KAREN! You know I absolutely mean it!



I jumped on the bandwagon of Twittering. I don't know what I'm doing. Please bear with me as I get through this learning curve!

Thanks to Steph at A Pocket Full of Buttons for helping me out!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Cousin's Wedding

Today I attended my 2nd cousin's wedding. I was absolutely honored to be invited. You know how weddings are - sometimes it's a free-for-all and everyone is invited or it's the exact opposite and it's only a select few. Not only was I invited but my girls were welcome to come as well. I was very touched.

This cousin of mine, my cousin's daughter, is the sweetest thing ever. I'm not really close to much of my extended family - mostly because we have always lived so far away but this girl is something special. I've always adored her and her now husband is just a doll! I swear they look like a Hollywood couple - both of them just drop dead gorgeous! Looks, personality....they've got it all.

The wedding was in a garden setting at the Broyhill House in Lenoir, N.C. Can you say BREATHTAKING?!? Thank goodness it did not rain as the weatherman was predicting. Unfortunately it was blazing hot and Momo was just not having it! For the first 15 minutes or so all was well but after that, well....see for yourself. Here was the view I had of the ceremony:

Notice I am out of view of the ceremony?
That would be because of this:



At least the sun went back behind the trees and we were able to enjoy the reception. Momo may have enjoyed it too much. It was already passed her bedtime but the DJ was playing some jams and turned on the bubble machine:

Then Momo went a little nuts:

Kailani, on the other hand was on the quiet side. She sat at the table and sipped on some lemonade. When we told her to go dance she refused. Her reason? "I'm a big girl now."

Oh no. It's begun. Second grade syndrome. I told you I was worried about that.

Did you notice no shoes? I guess that would be the "Hawaiian" in us. Or better yet, the "non-girlie" in us. Who wants to wear shoes? Unless they are flip-flops, or "rubbah slippahs".

(ETA: I also wanted to make sure to tell you all that I did NOT make the dresses! I have to thank Kohl's for their 50% off sale and for my dad for buying them!)

And I have to mention the sweetest thing that I witnessed today. The way my cousin's husband (fiance at the time) was looking at my cousin during the ceremony was PRICELESS. It was of true adoration and PURE, SINCERE LOVE! Women would KILL (or pay millions) to have their man look at them the way he did her. It gave me goosebumps. <3>
Congratulations to my beautiful cousin and her husband!

(Names and pictures of the happy couple have been withheld until permission is granted. Yes, I know, I know.....you can see one picture of 1/2 of the couple....)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bibs from Kim

From Kim - Ontario, Canada

Look what sweet things arrived in the mail today? Kim from Ontario, Canada sent twelve handmade bibs to donate to the Barium Springs Home for Children! Some small, some large....but all are super cute and super soft! Kim, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for sharing your talent and being so generous in sending so many bibs!

On that note - we are getting close to the deadline for sending in bibs and/or blankets. Remember, Monday, June 22nd is the final deadline! Several people have been in contact with me and will be sending in items to donate. I'm looking forward to receiving items from Virginia, California and Hawaii! I'll let you know when they arrive. Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009



My kiddo is graduating today.

From 1st grade, that is.

Where did the time go? When I think of kindergarten and 1st grade I think of itty-bitty cute little kids. But 2nd grade? Sure, they are still cute but they are older and smarter. It's a whole different ballgame. Am I ready for it?

So yesterday of all days I decided that YES, I will send the teachers an end-of-the-year gift. Yeah. The day before the last day of school. I have no idea what they want or need. All I really know is that one of her teachers LOVES frogs. Since I totally procrastinated I had to think fast.

WELL! Since time is not of the essence I decided I would go ahead and SEW! Since we're moving back to Hawaii really wanted to use some GORGEOUS Hawaiian print fabric but what do you know. There isn't much of a selection here! I managed to find a few pieces from my own stash and went to work. While I'd rather the prints be more uniform and/or from the same designer line of fabric it wasn't happening. I had to use what I had.

I ended up making both of her teachers three reversible journal covers and wrapped it with a non-matching ribbon:

On the ribbon I wrote, "When you use these think of me....."

Last week I sent in some hibiscus cupcakes to Kailani's class that I ordered from a local bakery (we are not allowed to send in home baked goods - only baked goods from a licensed bakery.) as a "farewell Kailani" token. They turned out okay. Taste-wise I would also say "just okay". For the price I was expecting a bit more. I don't think any of the 1st graders had any complaints!

So goodbye 1st grade, hello summer vacation!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Hey!

I mean, "Hay!"

For more Wordless Wednesday click here.

I've Been Tagged!

I'm "it!"

Thanks to Sandy from "One Day at a Time" for taking the time to tag me and include me in a little meme. I kind of need this right now - things are hectic and it's nice to take a break for some random silliness!

Here is how the game is played:

* List Six Unimportant Things That Make You Happy.
* Mention and link to the person who tagged you.
* Tag six of your favorite bloggers to play along, and comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged.

Alrighty! Here I go. Six unimportant things!

1. Frozen Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (ohhhh! I should share a recipe!)

2.Starbucks French Roast. 1-2 cups in the morning and 1-2 cups in the afternoon. And if it's in my favorite cup it's even better!

(What was I thinking? Coffee isn't "unimportant!?!" I'd better try number two again.)

2. A full tank of gas.

3. The smell of Biolage shampoo.

4. An unexpected compliment.

5. When someone....especially a stranger holds the door open for me.

6. Snail mail from a friend.

Now I have to tag six blogger friends. I'm going to choose a couple of new and a couple of "old" favorites!

1. Stephanie at A Pocket Full of Buttons

2. Stephanie at MooBear Designs

3. Jennifer at It's a Beauty Filled Life

4. Deb at Life with Birk

5. Kate at MomTrend

6. Kristel at Vlijtig

Can't wait to read everyone's answers! If you don't like to post memes, awards, etc. on your blog but you want to still participate please feel free to post your answers as comments on my blog! I am truly interested in hearing what you have to say!

Thanks again, Sandy!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Growing Sunflowers - Craft

If there is one thing that I lack it is a green thumb. I am SO lacking that is makes me ridiculously proud of myself for keeping my father's poinsettia plant alive. Let's see, he received it right before Christmas which means I've kept it alive for FIVE MONTHS! That's gotta be a record! However, I have to give credit where credit is due. The ONLY reason why it hasn't died is because of the Aqua Globe. (They are the bomb, I tell ya! The bomb!)


Kailani's first grade class has been learning about the life cycle of a plant. At about the same time Kris from JesseKate Designs posted a related craft activity she called "Gardening with a Glove" It was a really cute idea and I thought I'd attempt it with my girls.

Since Kailani's favorite flower is the sunflower we bought five different kinds to see which would grow the best. Here are a few pictures from the activity. (Please go to JesseKate Designs for full instructions!)

And then a week later:


And today - approximately two weeks since beginning the activity.

We plan on putting them into the ground either today or tomorrow. I will keep everyone posted on how it turns out!

For tips on growing sunflowers click here.

Thanks Kris, for an awesome activity!