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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Camping at Kahana Bay

And here I am! Ten months later....back to blogging. Please forgive my absence, it's been a long, hard year! Instead of a lengthy, detailed explanation I am just going to jump right back in!

A couple of weeks ago my BFF asked me if I had ever gone camping. Uh, no. Then she asked if I ever would. Uh, no again. She must've waved some voodoo magic over me because the next thing you know I was out buying a tent and other needed camping supplies. 

The thought of camping stressed me out for the following reasons:

1) My husband wasn't going to be there. My own personal Mr. Outdoor/Wilderness/McGuyver/protector! Who is going to protect me from killer toads?

BFF's solution: Not to worry. My husband will be there! We will help you!

2) What to bring? 
BFF and I made a list. Many times. We made a list of lists. Again and again.

3) What to eat? (This was not a good time to be doing Whole30!) 
BFF's solution: Don't worry about the food. I will take care of the food.(Major hallelujah!)

And maybe the most important concern of all: 

4) What about coffee?!? 

BFF's solution: Starbuck's VIA! 

Okay, okay. I think it might be able to handle it!

We decided to camp at beautiful Kahana Bay. BFF's family got there before we did and had the camp already set up. I was impressed! They helped me unload and get my tents up:

BFF's husband then hooked up the hammocks: 

The kids were eager to hit the beach and play. They did, but soon afterwards we got hit with some rain. A LOT of rain.

The kids were disappointed. "Really? Rain?" But they managed (and the tents held up pretty good!)

Little did we know that the downpour would bring........

The Lickety Split ice cream truck!!!

While Carter ran to the next parking lot over to stop the truck the girls tried their best to flag it down. Can we all scream for ice cream?

 Great team work kiddos!

The rain stayed away and BFF got to cooking. For lunch (pre-rain) we had some whole30 pad thai (my most favorite whole30 meal yet!) For dinner she fired up the grill and made hot dogs for the kiddos and whole30 turkey tacos for the adults! She also made bacon-wrapped dates (which twenty something days ago I would have never been willing to try!); Okinawan sweet potatoes made with duck fat; beets; etc. You will have to check out her blog, Paleo Eats 808 to see what else she cooked, what was for breakfast; and for links to recipes! Here is a teaser pic:

Yeah, baby. Bacon.

And we had plenty of fruit. Summer isn't summer without watermelon! 

Much like camping isn't camping without roasting marshmallows! And let's not forget the head lamps. Functional at night and fashionable during the day!

We even tried making BANANA BOATS!!! Here is a picture before it was put on the grill. Of course there is no "after" pic because they were quickly inhaled:

After all the excitement we finally turned in. Some of us woke up early enough to see the beautiful sunrise:

And walk in the sand: 

The kids were ready to swim just as the sun was coming up. The adults preferred coffee first. Pour a little Starbucks Via into a water bottle and you have instant human!

Kailani went for a solo morning paddle:

And was later joined by the rest of the kiddos:

Lots of uncontrollable laughter coming from the ocean!

While the neighbor camp kids caught crabs in buckets:

We filled ours with:

And the kids went crazy:

Of course we had plans to do some camp type crafts, yet that was the one thing I forgot! UGH. The supplies! I was thoroughly bummed. But BFF's husband got a little crafty and made a drink cozie with mustache Duct tape. I was impressed and told him he should open his own Etsy shop.

 There was also some photo bombing that took place:

And the little ones had fun catching fish in the pond:


Kahana Bay was so magical we even "found" some pink flamingos on the beach:

Rare sighting for these parts.

I have to say, it was an amazing camping experience! A lot of memories were made and we are already talking about the "next time" we go! Thanks to my BFF for all her help and for convincing us to go! Be sure to check out her blog at Paleo Eats 808! :)