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Friday, June 3, 2011

Sewing Frenzy

I went on a bit of a sewing frenzy this past week. Two mermaid towels, two double tier circle skirts with matching wristbands, more circle skirts (Hello Kitty!), Barbie dresses and burp cloths for friends that are having babies soon. If there is ever such a thing as "Power Sewing" that was ME! I needed to finish everything because we are leaving for a short (long?) vacation TONIGHT! I'm totally bummed that my husband won't be joining us - we're going to miss him!

Anyways! Here is what I've been up to (minus pictures of the mermaid towels):


My Etsy store will be closed for a few weeks while we are out of town. This morning Momo (4) asked if we could take RIBS on the plane (uh....that would be a "no") and later asked if I was going to pack my fabric. No.....not packing fabric but I WILL be buying fabric to bring home! I know of a HUGE, GINORMAOUS, MECCA fabric store store in N.C. and I will definitely be stopping by! Search and rescue" may need to be alerted to come and find me! ;)

I'm not sure how our vacation is going to affect blogging....but I'm sure it won't keep me off of Facebook! Come follow me there under my Etsy Name, "Happy Hapa!"  

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