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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Colorful Cookies!

Awhile back I laid my eyes upon these cookies. Aren't they awesome? So colorful and happy!

This morning I finally decided to test out the recipe.

Results? Ummmm....not good.

So I decided to try and make them AGAIN this afternoon (yes, I can be quite stubborn!) Status? They came out okay. Not great but definitely better than the morning batch!

I'm not sure what I did wrong. The instructions say to roll the dough (like you would if you were to make a snake out of Play Doh) 12" long and then coil it. However after baking you can definitely see the coils in my cookies - unlike the cookies in the original recipe. I tried flattening out some of the coils before baking them but it didn't seem to make a bit of difference. I guess all in all who cares? But I SO wanted to make them like in the picture! If anyone knows please tell me so I can stop obsessing over it!

*Sigh* So the cookies aren't perfect. But you w
anna know what happens when you give imperfect cookies to the kiddos?

Enough said. :)


  1. The cookies look great and I am sure they were fantastic to eat!

  2. I have to say, yours look REALLY good. And from the looks of it, they were equally yummy!

    Thanks for the link. I know my daughter would get a kick out of these.

  3. Those really are such pretty cookies! The kids will love them no matter how they taste, right? LOL! :) Good for you to keep trying!


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