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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying time with their families. Please think of those that are without....for whatever reason that might be. Our family has been separated on many occasions and the holidays can be especially rough.

Yesterday we colored eggs. Out of all the choices out there, tie-dye, marbled, glitter, etc. Sponge Bob won this year. This was Mo's first time coloring eggs and boy did she have a blast. She didn't seem to get the concept of carefully placing the eggs into the dye, instead she preferred the slam-dunk method. She also preferred to put the stickers on her face instead of the eggs. *Sigh*

Months ago I had already planned to make the girls matching Easter dresses but I had a hard time getting started. I wanted to make this dress, same style but different fabric but I couldn't get beyond reading the pattern and taking measurements. Lately I've been trying to sew things from free tutorials that I find on the Internet versus your run of the mill McCall's, Simplicity, etc. Not knocking them, just wanting to explore different alternatives. And free ones at that!

I stopped in at Pink Picket Fence and was totally inspired by a skirt she posted on there. Lucky me - she posted a tutorial on how she did it! I decided to use the fabric that I already had in mind and this is what I came up with:

I think I liked it so much because it reminds me of my favorite Gymboree bikini that both of my girls have worn with the ruffles on the butt:

Oh yeah. "Baby got back!"

After finding the eggs I took all the little chick eggs and made a matching game out of it. I got the idea from a post made by Katie and Katie at ABC and 123. I tried using different color permanent markers but because the eggs and the egg cartons are different colors the colors of the symbols didn't match. While blue may look like blue in the carton the blue looked green on the egg. So I went ahead and drew some different symbols on some card stock, cut it out and then used my glue gun to glue the pieces into place. Here's how it came out:

Aren't the little chicks darling?

Be sure to check out more kid's crafts and educational ideas/information at ABC & 123!


  1. These skirts turned out cute. Using free tutorials is great, especially for skirts.

  2. OMG! I am loving that skirt! Thanks for the info on the site and tut, i'm so heading over there. Happy Easter!!

  3. Thanks Tonya! BTW - I linked to your site with the gorgeous dress that you made! Your fabric choice was PERFECT!

    Steph - can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

  4. The skirt turned out really cute Sharon! How fun! Love the "baby got back."

    Very cute chicks, too! I bet the kids loved that game!

  5. We're glad you liked the chick activity, good problem solving!


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