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Friday, April 10, 2009

Orange You Glad....

I've had a few more "a-ha" moments lately. In one way I feel empowered to learn something new but in another way I feel like a total moron! I know that in some ways I can still be very naive but I've had a time or two that I'm just downright embarrassed that I didn't already know some of the more obvious things. *sigh*

One of my recent "a-ha" moments has to do with oranges. Yes, oranges. I'm not a huge fan of citrus fruits (they tend to be too acidic) but my husband is. Of course whenever either of us are eating something my kids have to have some too (because they are STARVING). The problem with oranges is Kailani doesn't like the skin. No, I'm talking about the rind of an orange but the actual skin. So her sweet and patient daddy will actually peel all the skin off. Mean mama won't. So when daddy isn't around there are no oranges in the house.

Well, the other day I happened to be in Sam's Club. One of the ladies was passing out samples (don't you love their samples?1?) of sliced oranges with no skin. Just take a bite and throw away
the rind! I asked the lady how she cut them and she was happy to show me. She also explained to me why it's better to cut them this way (I will admit I tuned her out but it has something to do with retaining the nutrients.) Wanna know how? Okay - I know this is probably very elementary for most of you but humor me for a minute because it was truly an a-ha moment for me! Here we go.

1. This is an orange. You know, for those of you that might actually be more clueless than me. ;)

2. Cut off the ends. (Say "hi" to my most favorite knife ever! It's a MAC santoku knife. Had if for years and I use it for everything. I've NEVER had to sharpen it!)

3. Slice orange in half (cut it perpendicular to the ends you just cut off. Oh! BIG WORD! You don't have to take out your geometry book. Just see the picture.) Peel away any "insides".

4. Slice into pieces. Say "hi" to knife again.

5. Bend both ends down a little bit and ta-da! You now have orange slices with no skin!

You can now leave a comment telling me:

a) you didn't know what an orange was;
b) you never knew how to cut an orange like this either;
c) or share an "a-ha" moment with me!

Please. It will make me feel a whole lot better!


  1. I have to say that I have never cut an orange this way before but will defiantly be doing it now. C hates the skin too :) Thanks tons for the post hun!!

  2. Steph - you forgot to say "hi" to my knife. ;)

  3. Holy cow! I learned something new about oranges today!!! Oh, and "hi" knife. :)


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