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Friday, April 17, 2009

Sorry Amy Knapp....time for a make over!

Every year I go completely bonkers when it's time to buy a new calendar/planner. It's a love-hate thing. It really is. I love starting the new year with a new planner but I hate the hunt. It HAS to be weekly (but it has to have monthly planning pages); the days CANNOT go horizontally across the page - they must go vertically; it's gotta be the right size, the right color, yadda yadda yadda! Every year I search high and low for this perfect planner (that does not exist) and for the last three years I always end up buying the exact same one as before.

This year I vowed to make a change. And I did. The hunt for a new one was ugly but I finally found the perfect one. So I thought. It took less than 24 hours to figure out I had to break up with it.


At the suggestion of my BFF I decided to go with Amy Knapp's Family Organizer. At first I hesitated. I didn't like the cover. I didn't like the flimsiness of it either. But it was already well into January and I desperately needed something! And I have to admit, there were certain features of the planner that I liked. I really liked that it was 50% off! And having $10.00 in Border Rewards that was soon to be expired was a big plus as well! SOLD!

So I take it home and get to know it a little better. After our honeymoon phase I decided that yes, I liked it. However, I just could not get over the cover! It is hideous. I'm sorry Amy Knapp but it's true. I decided to do something about it.

The hideous cover.....

One of the moms (hi Marygail!) in my mom's club in Honolulu posted a link to a tutorial to make reversible journal covers. Time for a planner make over! I couldn't decide what fabric I wanted to use so I opted for some Asian fabric that I already had. The tutorial was great. Easy to read, easy to understand, easy to do!

While I did make it reversible I used the same fabric on both sides. I also decided to go ahead and stiffen the planner up a bit by tucking cardboard into the pockets. TA-DA! Much better don't you think?

New and improved!

Inside view:


  1. Wow love it! Your right the old cover was awful but now it's a totally new book! Awesome job as always!!

  2. Your planner looks awesome! Glad the tutorial was easy enough to follow. Enjoy your new planner cover :)


  3. It looks great, I understand about the cover! The old one was awful, after all who wants to look at Amy all year!

  4. You're right...this cover is much, much better! Love the colors you chose to go on it. Very good idea!


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