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Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank Goodness for Ramen!

Or for my Hawaii friends, "saimin"!

Thank goodness both of my kids love to eat ramen/saimin! Cheap and easy to make!

One of the moms in a playgroup that I belonged to back in Virginia (Hi Brenda!) talked about doing this and I've done it several times since! Almost guaranteed to bring a smile to your kids faces!

1. First thing you need to do is prep the hot dogs. Make eight slits into the hot dogs to make the tentacles. Make sure the slits go more than half way up or else the little bugger will be top heavy and wont' stand up.

2. Cook the hot dogs according to package directions. The ends will curl automatically. Let them cool a bit then add a face with ketchup/mustard/etc.

(Wait until after the hot dogs are ready to cook your ramen. If you don't the noodles will get soggy.)

3. Cook ramen according to package directions. Add blue food coloring (or don't!) In the picture the soup looks more green than blue - I think I needed to add more drops of color.

4. Place the octopus on top and serve!


  1. Oh my gosh Sharon! I HAVE to try this!!! The kids would go crazy! I think I might even have everything on hand...oh I am so doing this. Thanks for sharing such a cute idea!

  2. I used a whole 5lb box of stuffing!

  3. That is ADORABLE!

    Even I want a bowl of ramen like that for me :)


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