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Monday, April 26, 2010

Lowe's Build and Grow - Free Kid's Clinics!

Did you know that Lowe's hardware stores offers kid's clinics every Saturday? And get this...it's FREE! Their "Build and Grow" clinics offer kids the opportunity to build a different wood project each week. Take a look at some of the things they've already done and what's coming up next:

The kids receive a FREE apron, FREE goggles and a completion patch when they are done with their project! All the supplies are provided including a hammer (which must be returned).

We checked it out two weeks ago and were immediately hooked! Since the projects are recommended for kids in the 1st grade through 5th grade so we didn't sign Momo (3) up for the first one. But after checking out the first clinic we went ahead and signed her up for the next one. I think it really depends on your kid, their maturity level as well as mom or dad's level of patience. :)

Lucky for Momo her big sister is very sweet and let her have a turn. Check out Momo hard at work. Look at the intense concentration (as well as the upside down fogging goggles):

And here is a proud Kailani with her completed planter (which she later painted at home):

On our way out the door Kailani insisted that we sign up for the next one, which we did:

You can see we already sewed Kailani's patch onto her apron.

Here's the link to the clinic: Lowe's Build and Grow You can sign up online (recommended) or sign up at Lowe's if there is space available. Please note that this is a self-directed clinic. Parents (or grandparents, whoever) need to be able to assist their children with the project. There is no instructor walking you through the project step by step.

We give the clinic "two thumbs up!" and are looking forward to the next one (and the next one and the next one.....)


  1. Hmm, this may be a repeat. I just left a comment and it took me to an error page. So ignore if you got this already.

    The workshops look fun. By next year, Lu should be old enough. Both girls look like they are enjoying themselves.

    Em named her latest stuffed animal MOMO! Both girls talk about your girls like they have met them! It is so cute. Hopefully, someday...soon!

  2. Hi Sharon!
    First of all, congrats on your Etsy Shop. Those crayon aprons are super cute. What a clever idea!!

    Happy Tuesday!!

  3. I am keeping my finger's crossed that they still have these by the time ER is old enough to participate. They look so fun and I did see the planter preview on their site and thought it was too cute. Hm...since Momo is checking it out maybe ER will be ready by summer.

  4. We love to go!
    My daughter gets a kick out of it.
    We are usually at the Waikele store. Maybe we will see ya there!

  5. Those crayon aprons are super cute. What a clever idea!!
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