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Monday, August 24, 2009

Sticker Exchange, Anyone?

Stickers on it's way to California

My girlfriend Sarah ("Hi Sarah!") asked me last week if Kailani would be interested in participating in a sticker exchange. It's much like the recipe exchanges that circulate via email but because this entails sending something tangible you have to send it through the postal system.

After I got all the details I thought the whole process would be a great opportunity for Kailani to practice writing notes and to learn a little bit of geography. Meanwhile she will receive some personal mail with stickers included. After all, who doesn't enjoy receiving snail mail now and then?

Here is what you need. You may already have everything!
1) Six friends to participate
2) One packet of stickers
3) 12 copies of the letter (that will be sent by us)
4) Six envelopes
5) Six stamps

Here is a quickie of how it works:
1) Wait for your letter to arrive (from us).
2) Send one packet of stickers to the person indicated on your letter.
3) Send six people a copy of the letter (as well as a blank copy) asking them to send a packet of stickers to the person designated in their letter (which would be Kailani).
4) Wait patiently!

If everyone does as instructed then your child will receive 36 packets of stickers! Notice I said "If". That's because if one person in the chain doesn't participate it throws the whole process off. Sarah did mention to me that several people had a luke warm reception towards the sticker exchange which is understable. Many may be turned off by the solicitation of friends or the whole idea that this is simlar to a chain letter (trust me though - no bad luck will come your way if you don't participate!)

Sooooo....instead of soliciting friends to participate I thought I would ask here first if there is anyone that would like to volunteer to participate? (Of course friends are welcome to play! ;) ) I'm looking for six kids to send our letter to. We'd like to get our letters out VERY soon (like yesterday!) If you are interested and can follow through with the process please let me know! Leave a comment and then send me an email with your child's name and mailing address to SHARKritzler@aol.com The first six get to play!

Any takers?

ETA: Looking for two more people to join in the fun! :)


  1. YAY this sounds like so much fun! I know C would love to get stickers in the mail from all over. Count me in!!

  2. We were sent the sticker chain letter a while ago and were excited - sent out 8 letters thinking...ok 2 people are not going to participate. Can you believe all 8 people didn't do it! LAME! So we won't sign up this time but we will send Kailani some stickers...since Lu thinks she is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

  3. @Steph - COOL! We'll send C her letter tomorrow!

    @Mama King - NOBODY did it?!? You are right! Lame, lame, lame! That is what I fear happening which is why I hope people will volunteer to participate - rather than me ask and people say, "yes" but do "no". Ugh. Thanks so much for sending Kailani some stickers - she is going to be super stoked! She's been asking when you all are coming! :)

  4. that is so cute and actually kids would love getting stickers in the mail! following back from MBC glad to meet you!

  5. We did this a few months ago and no one followed through on it so my kids were completely bummed. They love getting mail and they love stickers so I was hoping it would work out.

    Thanks for the follow! I'm now following you and following you on Twitter too!

  6. How fun! It's like a sticker chain letter!

  7. I see that I am too late, but could I do this on my own on my blog? It sounds awesome!! If so, where can I get the letter copy and so forth?

  8. Susana - got your email with your address! Your letter is on it's way! Thanks!

  9. Love the plumeria princess stickers!!! So, I wanted to start one for our family as we r all over he world and there are many of us (like 100 lol). Can u teach me how to start this up? How do I send u stickers too? I'm weary about giving out our address to strangers. Thx for the help.


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