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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Reversible Little Helper Apron

It's been awhile since I've been able to post about a project I've completed. Wait. It's actually been awhile since I've posted PERIOD! Where has the time gone?

Anyways! Yesterday I made a reversible apron for one of Momo's best friend's who recently turned three. I know that she loves to help her mom with chores with laundry being one of them. Using the reversible crayon apron pattern from You Can Make This I made the apron but instead of inserting crayons into the pockets I put in clothes pins. Had I more time I would've decorated the pins like this.

The pattern was very easy to follow - so all you beginner sewers out there don't be afraid to give it a try! The hardest part I had with it was choosing my fabric! :)

Taking a great risk of Momo claiming the apron to be hers I had her model it for me so I could take some pictures:
Here it is in reverse:
I love how it all turned out!


  1. Very cute little apron, I love it! I wanna learn to make stuff like that.

  2. That is so cute. I have been meaning to make a little half apron like that for myself, but I've yet to get the fabric.

  3. ahh she is soooooooooooooo CUTE!!! Love the apron! Helps to have a cute little model :)

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  4. Hi, I came across your blog and wanted to share my site with you since you have such cute little girls! Hope youll check it out! :)

  5. So cute! I don't know if my skill level is there just yet. What an adorable model too!

    I also wanted you to know I have been driving around with a little package for you but have not had the time to get to the post office! TOMORROW! I promise!


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