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Monday, September 20, 2010

Operation Pokemon Party: Success!

Kailani turned eight yesterday. That's right, EIGHT!  My litle girl.....eight years old. Blows my mind.

She had a small party of six yesterday. The six included herself, her sister, three friends and a sibling (*note to self - small party = GREAT idea!*) For awhile she was going with a "Mad Scientist" theme and I was all over it! I had so many great ideas and was looking forward to lab coats and experiments! But somehow Pokemon blindsided me. That's alright. Pokemon seemed easier and I am ALL about easier these days!

First thing - the invitations. I found a website where you can create your own Pokemon card with a picture of your choice and also edit all the details on it. Here's what we sent out:

Is that cool or what? You can make your own at Pokemon Card Maker

I also used the Pokemon Card Maker website to create "birthday passes" that were included with the invitation:

Since only a few kids were invited and they were all close friends I already had a picture of them to use on the card. I slid the cards into an ID holder with a lanyard. On the pass it says, "Please bring this pass with you - no pass, no entry!" (It's a VERY exclusive party! HA!)

When the guests arrived we checked to make sure they had their passes and then presented them with a Pokemon/Pikachu hat that I had made and painted their face to look like Pikachu (if they wanted):

I have to admit, the hats turned out SO CUTE! I found a video tutorial on how to make them and went for it. I saved myself some time by not putting a lining in it and not painting on the eyes. I thought the eyes were cute but since I'm not very crafty with fabric markers I passed. And you know what? I'm glad I did because Kailani said the one in the tutorial makes Pikachu look like he has four eyes when you count your own. (*Patting myself on the back - good call, mama. Good call.*)

With the exception of having an issue with the measurements of the hat (FYI - I used 7 x 11" for the kids) it was easy to do and fairly quick. Until I RAN OUT OF FABRIC the night before the party! Thank goodness I found some green fleece in my stash and two kids were more than happy to take the green! In hindsight I think I should've (NOT RUN OUT OF FABRIC?!?) made one "authentic" colored  Pikuchu hat for the birthday girl and give everyone else a different colored one. Purple, pink, red, etc.

We played birthday games and EVERYONE won Pokemon cards after each game. Of course the true winner won a few more. I purchased TONS of cards off of EBay in mint or new condition. The kids loved it! They kept them in a plastic card box with their birthday pass on the front:

I considered using the plastic pocket sleeves versus the box but figured this was the better way to go since I was giving away a lot of cards (I bought 200). The box worked out great minus one thing - Momo, being only three had a hard time opening and closing the box. Other than that it was perfect!

When it came to game time we went with the traditional birthday games which at first I thought might be too juvenile for an 8-year old and her friends. However, the kids had a total blast! We played:

  • hot potato: we used a Pokemon ball that I found for 99 cents at Goodwill. SCORE! It even opens and closes. I should've put a card inside of it for the winner/loser:

Momo wasn't a very good sport when things didn't go her way:

  • ping-pong ball toss into plastic Pokemon cups
  • balloon pop - I blew up 30 balloons the kids had to pop them to find the three with a Pokemon sticker inside
  • pin-the-sticker-on-the-poster blindfold game - the Pikachu hats doubled as a blindfold!

  • pinata - again, using the hat as a blindfold!

  • Between the games the kids had pizza and some rainbow Jell-o:

    And then when it was time for cake I made a giant rainbow Pikachu cupcake cake (please don't laugh!):

    I know, I know! The frosting is hideous. You should've seen the back of the cake. It took a beating like it was attacked by a Pokeball or Pokemon (but the kids didn't care!):


    But the cute little Pikachus on top of the cake made up for it as well as when the cake was sliced:

    You should've heard the "ohhhhhs" and "ahhhhhhs" when it was sliced!

    The kids then traded cards and had some free time. It was a GREAT party!

    But I wasn't done just yet. The party was yesterday but this morning I woke up to make rainbow cupcakes for her class at school. I attached Pokemon cards into little party sticks and this is how they turned out:

    From the sounds of the "ohhhhhhs" and "ahhhhhhhhs" when I walked into the class I think I'm forgiven for not bringing in ice cream!

    YES!!! It's DONE! Operation Pokemon Party was a SUCCESS! Happy birthday to my sweet little girl!


    1. Wicked awesome party and the hats are fantastic! Happy Birthday Kailani! Give us your recipe for the rainbow cake, it is amazing!

    2. Whoa! Very cool. The jellybean pretty much reacts the same wasy Momo does. being three sucks some times doesn't.

      Way to go on the party. You rocked it.

    3. You ROCK! The party looks great. Happy Birthday to Kailani!

    4. I happened to view this when the boys were in the office. Now we must rush to the fabric store for fleece to make those awesome Hats!!! Sharon rocks!

    5. That looks like such a good time! A Pokemon party would've thrown me for a loop too. You did a great job with the theme, a lot better than I would've. I love the little hats!

      BTW I haven't forgotten about my order, I just haven't had a chance to take measurements. Sorry! First time got away from me and then I got hit with the flu over the weekend. It WILL get done though! I am serious, I DO want them!

      PS: I gave you an award on my blog post tomorrow:)

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